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Labor militancy in China

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Post 31 Aug 2014, 18:10
This interesting article by Eli Friedman discusses recent labor disputes between Chinese workers and the Chinese government and its official trade unions. ... nsurgency/

My question for comrades here is what do you think of the prospects for a more militant labor movement in the PRC and will this make an impact on how the Chinese Communist Party governs the nation? What would it take for Chinese workers to become not just more demanding of higher wages and better working conditions but actually a revolutionary force?
Post 15 Jul 2015, 17:30
I am from China so i hope my knowledge about Chinese political environment may help a bit.

Yes there are labor movements(though i shall not say that i am especially knowledgeable about that) but few people are aware of that. Due to censorship or other reasons the message is never spread to the people, so it is unlikely to gain much support from the people.
in the foreseeable future there will not be "a more militant labor movement" due to various reasons. firstly the rising economy makes the situation unlikely to go "extreme" because the ruling class can always "bribe" the workers by raising wages when the workers become "too unhappy". as long as generally the people have their life improved or maintained at an "acceptable" level(a level that still allows most to make a living) , it is usually hard to start a revolution. of course the economy is slowing down and things are getting to change now.
but the most worrying trend is the political climate in China. most people do not have a clear mind in politics but they are generally nationalistic( not just a few crazy teenagers but the general public) so the government can always rally support by evoking nationalistic feelings as with the strong grip on accessibility of information the government can easily let the people get a very one-sided opinion about territorial disputes. therefore you will not expect the people to go on streets, claiming to overthrow the communist party soon.
there are people who are not nationalistic but they generally support the western "democracy" "freedom" "human rights" ideas and they generally do not gain much support from the people.
different groups of people call themselves "communists" in china, but mostly they are not communists. many are simply supporters of the communist party and the "Socialism_with_Chinese_characteristics". some are Maoists and they want another cultural revolution and some even support personal revenge against some perceived enemies including ordinary people who do not agree with them. there are more genuine and reasonable communists but they are few in number and are hardly understood by the population(the doubt about whether "Socialism_with_Chinese_characteristics" is socialism or not exits among many people, but they generally do not really know what socialism is anyway and do not really care whether china is socialist or not)
in conclusion i would say that since the government is so strong, people are so nationalistic and there are so few true communists (who never dare to form a formal alliance anyway), you should not expect a more militant labor movement any time soon
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