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War mongers should have allowed them to leave

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 02 Jan 2016, 14:43
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Post 05 Mar 2016, 15:42
I have been busting my a** promoting peace between Philippines and North Korea but because of some jerks in the Philippine White House they render them naught. It's a trick, can't you see it, Pnoy!
Even Jesus Christ is not immune from gruesome ill-wishing war mongers! There's no harm letting them go. Compare the damage done if we succumb to UN proddings. National security at its worst! "Bow and pray to China!" You worship gold anyway! and refer to Christ as "God"! He is not God! T****t**o!

Philippines impounds N. Korean ship under UN sanctions

Agence France-Presse

Posted at 03/05/16 1:08 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines said Saturday it had impounded a North Korean vessel in response to tough new United Nations sanctions introduced in response to Pyongyang's recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

The 6,830-tonne cargo ship Jin Teng will not be allowed to leave Subic port, northeast of the capital Manila, where it had been docked for three days and its crew will be deported, presidential spokesman Manolo Quezon said on state-run radio station Radyo ng Bayan.

It was the first reported case of the sanctions -- the toughest to date, which were adopted late Wednesday by the UN Security Council -- being enforced.

"The world is concerned over North Korea's nuclear weapons program and as a member of the UN, the Philippines has to do its part to enforce the sanctions," Quezon said.

A team from the UN is expected to inspect the ship in the port, located near a former United States naval base, foreign affairs spokesman Charles Jose said

The Jin Teng was inspected for the second time on Saturday, this time using electronic weapons sensors, coastguard spokesman Commander Armand Balilo told AFP, adding the 21 crewmen were "very cooperative".

North Korea has no embassy in the Philippines. Its embassies in Thailand and Indonesia were unavailable for comment when contacted by AFP.

There are no other North Korean ships docked in Subic, according to the coastguard.

The Jin Teng, carrying palm kernels, arrived in Subic from Palembang, Indonesia Thursday afternoon, just hours after the latest sanctions were unanimously passed.

In response to the UN's move, Pyongyang fired six short-range missiles into the sea on Thursday, while North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered its nuclear arsenal put on standby for pre-empty use at anytime.

On Friday, the European Union also tightened sanctions against North Korea by adding 16 individuals and 12 entities to a list of some 60 individuals and groups who were hit with travel bans and asset freezes.
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Post 05 Mar 2016, 17:22

The great art of life is sensation, to feel that you exist, even in pain.
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 02 Jan 2016, 14:43
Ideology: Marxism-Leninism
Post 05 Mar 2016, 23:37
If Kim Jong Un is 'seeking death' he should have refused a healthy diet, succumbed to drinking and smoking. But no, he is not 'seeking death'. The barrage of libelous articles prove that even if they are in remote places like USA, North Korean intelligence officers and assassins can reach them. But no, this is 'the time to die and I want to die a glorious death'- producers of the libelous movie on North Korea.
North Korean agents roam around my apartment every month to attend to my personal security
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 18 Apr 2010, 04:44
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Post 06 Mar 2016, 01:21
Lev, are you Filipino?

Is there a reason you refer to Filipinos as "war mongers"? Of all the things I've ever heard about Filipinos, "war mongers" is pretty much the last thing I would believe to be true of them.

Also, you sure seem to meet up with an awful lot of DPRK agents, as well as black and olive skinned Jews.
Miss Strangelove: "You feed giants laxatives so goblins can mine their poop before the gnomes get to it."
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 02 Jan 2016, 14:43
Ideology: Marxism-Leninism
Post 06 Mar 2016, 01:38
I patronize everybody to the betterment and improvement of diplomatic relations among nations. So if DPRK diplomatic officers appear in my apartment I bow and pray before them. If Mossad officers attempt to blackmail me with my atrocious and disgraceful past of sleeping with my married professor, I go to the cops. (Her husband is a murderous arms dealer). I am still alive, healthy and kicking, after 8 attempted assassinations on my life by 7 former Presidents of the Philippines: Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo, Aquino Jr., Marcos Jr. and few scalawags of the Philippine Army. No bull. My dear sister discovered broken glass in her food while eating in a restaurant of a coup plotter sympathizer.I've learned life's lessons. Settle scores diplomatically. I am a threat to thousands of politicians aspiring to be presidents of the Philippines because I am too smart for them. I am too smart too for lawyers that is why they refuse to give me access to online research tools in the Philippines. I have to type in my bar examinee number and code and I am from Canada. If a politician is too smart for me, I would not dare assassinate him or play dirty tricks on him. We should play it fair. You do not know Filipino psyche. What for is cockfighting preserved in the Philippines if guns and machismo would not play parts and parcels of politics. I refuse to collaborate but I love the thrill of Philippine politics. Out of three student council elections in university, I won three by landslide. I even have cousins who insist that I am 'their bitterest enemy inside their households' even if I live here in Canada far away from them because they do not want to patronize my politics.
They call me kATOk. Loonie! I do not want to brag but the widow of one of the richest men in the Philippines is also crazy for me. "It would be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven"- Bible.
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