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Highest Standard of Living in Eastern Bloc

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Post 08 Dec 2011, 13:01
Neuron wrote:
And this does not meant Czechoslovakia was in poverty.

Never claimed that. WHat I could deduce from my parents' "reports" to their friends is that we were obviously better off than Czechoslovaks. And I'm coming from a working-class family.

Neuron wrote:
And how it is always that the ones talking about SFRY's prosperity are either Slovenians, Croats or Serbs, not say, Macedonians, Kosovan Albanians, Serbians from Eastern Serbia etc.?

Good point, I wish there were some Serbs, Macedonians, Montenegrins in this forum to hear them. I suspect their stories would be somehow different than my experiences.

Neuron wrote:
Which consumer products do you mean btw?

Vegeta (some sort of kitchen spice), salamis and pattes from Gavrilović.

Neuron wrote:
And we still like people from ex-SFRY countries, even through their countries are poorer than ours now,

I'm sorry, where do you come from?
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Post 08 Dec 2011, 13:09
He's from Czechoslovakia, I forgot which part.

Anyway this entire nationalist discussion and the comparison between "poor" and "not so poor" countries is completely ridiculous and all of you are jackasses for taking part in it. OH NOES HE SAID "MY" COUNTRY WAS POOR NOW IM GONNA BE DEADLY OFFENDED. like wtf? we're supposed to be communists, not bourgeois nationalists. "We" always liked Croatia, yeah sure...
"Don't know why i'm still surprised with this shit anyway." - Loz
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Post 08 Dec 2011, 13:35
Sorry, I did not mean to be hostile or nationalist. I am from Slovakia. And we here like Croatia because it has wonderful sea, wine, food and people, along with mutually mostly understandable language regardless of its economy. It is true that we really admired SFRY back then (and I still do).

And yes, indeed, many parts of SFRY were indeed much better off than Czechoslovakia.

And I agree, quarelling over whose country is "poor" or "non-poor" is nonsense. Neither of them was poor. All of these countries were much better than the third world which is 70 percent of the world pretty much.

Vegeta - I still use it and really love it in pretty much every salty food. I know there were queues for it in CSSR, it was in shortage, that is probably why it was good as a bartering product. By the way, what kind of delicacies did your parents get from Czechoslovakia

Mabool, nobody is offended here except for you. I was not offended at all, just explaining things (Czechoslovaks when in Czechoslovakia had a much better buying power than when in SFRY, so it is not like CSSR residents lived on mineral water, the same thing happens to Slovaks at home vs Slovaks on a trip in richer countries, prices in England, France... are obviously going to be much higher than in Slovakia).

The average worker in CSSR earned, say 1500-2500 Kcs. Things for example groceries have cost of 1-10 Kcs. The average shopping bill was around 50 Kcs. Pretty good no? But when you exchanged Czechoslovak Korunas to dollars, suddenly your 2000 Kcs changed to 400 dollars. The exchange rate to Yugoslav dinars was similiar, which is why Czechoslovaks on a trip in Yugoslavia were so "poor". The same thing, through much, much worse happens when evaluating Cuban salaries. The average Cuban salary is about 350 dollars in buying value, but the official exchange rate means the entire months salary can be cjhanged only to circa 20 dollars.
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