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Guyana naval operations

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Guyana achieved Independence between 1966 and 1970 from the British Empire but was quickly entangled in the net of fears of the Cold War. Cheddi Jagan, the man widely considered the “father of the nation” was valued with great fear by the American and the British secret services as a potential communist (while actually being a social-democratic), and in the subsequent years. Ironically, the man “Placed” as his main political rival, Forbes Burnham, declared in 1980 the small country to be a socialist-oriented nation (while retaining multi-party system and a general neutral position in Cold War).

Interestingly, Guyana maintain such definition in constitution and join the small group of de jure self-declared socialist-oriented states while retaining multi-party system and a de facto little connection with the official constitutional socialist proclaims: because of such de jure definition, this page will gather future potential naval incidents involving Guyana


While Guyana during Cold War (Venezuela) and modern times (Suriname) experienced border conflicts, there is little to no information about possible naval clashes or incidents.
Help/input is welcome.

Guyana naval branch of the Armed Forces (the Coast Guard) is extremely small in terms of vessels and men (currently maintain 1 ex-British minesweeper, 1 amphibious craft and 9 small patrol boats).
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