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Laos Navy operations

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Laos (officially Lao People's Democratic Republic) is currently one of the four existing declared communist states (alongside China, Vietnam and Cuba, part of the 12 current modern states with constitutional references to socialism, excluding internationally unrecognized states). Since the downfall of the US-backed regime during the liberation war concurrent with the Vietnam War, the small inland country faced a series of insurgencies and terrorist attacks by CIA-backed armed groups (including Nationalists, Monarchists and powerful Vang Pao Hmong-ethnic warlord). While for some time the United States officially backed these operations, funded with opium traffick, since late ‘80s they have been abandoned by their former masters and the insurgencies are almost entirely quelled.

Apart from a brief conflict with Thailand during the Cold War, Laos maintained good relationship with neighbor countries, especially with the communist Vietnam.

Despite lacking access to sea, Laos is deeply related (historically, culturally and geographically) with the large Mekong River, and operates a proper Navy in it (not simply a riverine police or military corp).


Currently there is no known riverine incident related to the Laos Navy against neighbor countries, insurgencies or drug traffickers!

It is still possible such episodes occurred in ‘80s, but there is absolute lack of international sources over it.

Considering Laos it is still an existing communist country, there is also possibility for future Lao People's Navy riverine operations, especially intercepting or fighting drug traffickers or riverine criminals.

The Navy operate a number of Riverine crafts (mostly of Vietnamese origin), in the photo it is visible an amphibious craft of the Army
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