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Soviet submarines in Black Sea (re-done)

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Post 08 May 2013, 12:22
Work is a cross-reference between modern Russian sources ( and modern German sources (
Similar works and tables made on english-based sites ( and wikipedia) and older english literature are not updated and contain a number of mistakes.
Image credits (c)

Summary table of Soviet submarines successes

ShCh class (16 units) 10 losses 26 ships sunk 5 ships damaged
S class (5 units) 2 losses 3 ships sunk
L class (6 units) 3 losses 11 ships sunk 2 ships damaged 3 unconfirmed ships sunk and 1 unconfirmed damaged
D class (3 units) 2 losses 2 ships sunk
A class (5 units) 2 losses 2 ships sunk 1 ship damaged
M class (32 units) 7 losses 9 ships sunk

Total 67 units with 26 losses with 53 ships sunk/destroyed and 8 ships damaged,
The difference between submarines lost and destroyed targets was 2.03

Enemy military ships lost include the minelayer Regele Carol I, German auxiliary minesweeper D-2, German landing barges F-130, F-474, F-566, F-580 and F-592 sunk of MFP class, lost also SF-35 of Siebel class. Was damaged Germand landing barge F-329 and lightly damaged auxiliary minesweeper R-164.
The other victims were 45 merchants, tankers, tugs, barges, motorboats and schooners that were sunk, destroyed or damaged without being repaired. Other 5 units were damaged and remained/returned to service (a sixth one is damaged to be then repaired and then torpedoed again and not repaired)

Lists of submarines

Shchuka series Vbis
ShCh-201 received the Order of the Red Banner
30/Jun/43 sunk fishing motorboat MFK-5701(15 GRT) boarded and bottom holed. 8 POW.
ShCh-203 (lost 26 Aug 1943 sunk by Italian submarine CB-4)

Shchuka series VbisII
ShCh-204 (lost 6 Dec 1941 sunk by German seaplane He-59 or Bulgarian seaplane Ar-196)
ShCh-205 received the Guards Banner
18/May/42 sunk Turkish merchant Duatepe (128 GRT) gunfire.
and damaged Turkish schooner Mahbuba Jahan (20 GRT) gunfire the same day.
23/May/42 sunk Turkish merchant Zafer (330 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of tiles and porcelain.
ShCh-206 (lost 9 Jul 1941 sunk by Romanian motor torpedo boats Viforul, Vijeliia and Viscolul with depth charges)

Shchuka series X
ShCh-208 (lost after 23 Aug 1942 mine from Romanian field “S-21” laid by minelayer Dacia)
ShCh-209 Had a total of 7 confirmed victories. Received the Order of the Red Banner
22/Aug/43 capture Turkish schooner Derviske (25/30 GRT), then left drifting to sink.
25/Aug/43 capture Turkish schooner Yilmaz (55/60 GRT), then left drifting to sink. Cargo of wood, apples and nuts.
2/Dec/43 sunk German landing craft F-566 (155 GRT) torpedo. Carried 3 assault guns and an armored reconnaissance car.
20/Jul/44 sunk Turkish schooner Semsi Bahri (55/50 GRT)gunfire. Cargo of fishes and oranges. 7 POW.
26/Jul/44 sunk Turkish schooner Hyydakerim (125 GRT) gunfire
on the same day sunk Bulgarian schooner Belsica (85 GRT) torpedo
and damaged Bulgarian schooner Totka (100 GRT) gunfire
(Note: a rare case of possible Soviet underestimate: submarine claimed only 1 schooner sunk)
ShCh-210 (lost after 12 Mar 1942 mine from Romanian field “S-15” laid by minelayer Amiral Murgescu)
ShCh-211 (lost after 14 Nov 1941 mine from Romanian field “S-18” laid by minelayer Dacia)
15/Aug/41 sunk Romanian merchant Peles (5708 GRT) torpedo.
29/Sept /41 sunk Italian tanker Superga (6154 GRT) torpedo. 1800 tons of gasoline and 2350tons of oil
ShCh-212 (lost after 11 Dec 1942 mine from Romanian field “S-44” laid by minelayers Amiral Murgescu and Dacia)
ShCh-213 (lost after 14 Oct 1942 from Romanian field “S-7” laid by minelayer Regele Carol-I and Amiral Murgescu (note: wreck found in 2008 discredit the past claim by German submarine chaser UJ-116 Xanten))
23/Feb/42 sunk Turkish merchant Çankaya (164 GRT)gunfire. Cargo of 170tons of metal pipes and 30 tons of bricks.
24/Feb/42 sunk Bulgarian merchant Struma (257 GRT) torpedo , carried Jewish refugees, 768 dead
3/Mar/42 unexploded torpedo hit on Turkish merchant Adana (1158 GRT).
ShCh-214 (lost 19 Jun 1942 sunk by Italian motor torpedo boat MAS-571) best submarine lost in action with 6 victories.
3/Nov/41 sunk Turkish schooner Kaynakdere (ext 75 GRT)gunfire.Cargo of cotton.
5/Nov/41 sunk Italian tanker Torcello (3336 GRT) torpedo
1/Jan/42 sunk Turkish schooner Koraltepe (60/65 GRT)gunfire. Cargo of food and tobacco.
29/May/42 sunk an unknown schooner (? GRT) with ramming (possibly identified as Turkish Hudarvendigar). Cargo of tobacco.
31/May/42 sunk an unknown schooner (? GRT) gunfire (possibly identified as Turkish Mahbubdihan)
2/Jun/42 sunk an unknown schooner (? GRT) ramming (possibly identified as Turkish Kaynarea). Cargo of grain.
ShCh-215 second most successful in Black sea, with 8 victories, received the Guards Badge
18/Nov/41 sunk Turkish merchant Yenice (428 GRT) torpedo
24/Jan/43 damaged German tug Stralsund (190 GRT) gunfire
24/May/43 lightly damaged German minesweeper R-164 with torpedo explosion (not direct hit)
30/Aug/43 sunk German merchant Thisbé (1782 GRT) torpedo.1600tons of chrome ore (it was a pre-designed target).
15/Nov/43 sunk German landing craft F 592 (155 GRT) torpedo. 15 Germans carried went missing (+ 4 sailors).
24/Apr/44 recovered on sea a German defector on a small rowboat.
5/Aug/44 sunk Turkish schooner Mefkure (60/65 GRT) gunfire, carried Jewish refugees and 301 were killed.
Also on the same attack, submarine shelled and sunk a boat, likely a lifeboat from the Mefkure.
24/Aug/44 sunk Bulgarian schooner Vita (135 GRT) torpedo

Shchuka series Xbis
ShCh-216 (lost 17 Feb 1944 sunk by German submarine-hunter UJ-106 with depth charges (note: wreck found in 2013, disproved claims by mine from “S-77” field or combined attack of UJ-103 and UJ-104))
10/Oct/42 sunk Romanian merchant Carpati (4336 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of field kitchens, barracks equipment, projectors and coal.
6/Aug/43 badly damaged German tanker Friederike (7327 GRT) torpedo (known as Firuz at the time)

Stalinist series IXmod
S-31 Received the Order of the Red Banner
21/Sept/42 missed with torpedoes the tug Perovolyka but the torpedoes exploded on the beach, killing 5 German soldiers.
9/Dec/43 sunk German landing craft F-580 (155 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 20 tons of ammunition cause explosion of craft.
S-32 (lost 26 Jun 1942 German air attack from He-111 in open sea )
S-33 Received the Guards Badge
20/Apr/43 sunk Romanian merchant Suceava (6876 GRT) torpedo. Empty, but at the time of her sinking, the Axis lost 1/4 of the GRT of shipping for military necessity according the German black sea's admiral own evaluation.
12/May/44 sunk landing craft F-130 (155 GRT) gunfire. It was captured the Kriegsmarine's flag of the craft.
S-34 (lost between 12/13 Nov 1941 mine from Bulgarian field “S-39” or Romanian field “S-16”)

Leninist series II
L-4 the best soviet submarine of Black Sea with 10 victories, plus an indirect victory and two possible. Received Order of Red Banner
9/Sept/41 possibly sunk Bulgarian schooner Uspech (? GRT) gunfire.
Russian sources believe it was a friendly-fire attack against ShCh-208 with no effect, but it is possible L-4 attacked both targets and made no claim.
15/Sept/41 sunk Bulgarian merchant Chipka (2304 GRT) mine. Cargo of grain.
10/Oct/41 sunk the Romanian mine-layer NMS Regele Carol I with mine.
This was the most important warship sunk by submarine in Black Sea.
19/Nov/41 sunk German auxiliary minesweeper D-2 with mine.
17/Dec/41 possibly damaged Romanian tanker Oituz (2686 GRT) torpedo. L-4 reported no attack, however she was the only submarine located in the area of the attack at proper time.
23/May/43 badly damaged German landing craft F-329 (155 GRT) with gunfire
22/Jul/43 sunk Turkish schooner Huda-i Bahri (30 GRT)gunfire
Also sunk Turkish schooner Tayyar (409 GRT)gunfire
(note: Soviets reported only 1 target on 22/Jul, some source mix the names but appear to be different targets. “Tayyar” reported a torpedo attack, never done by L-4. It is still likely she received gunfire while sailing close).
23/Jul/43 sunk Turkish schooner Gurpinar (35/40 GRT)gunfire
28/Jul/43 damaged German barge EL-73 (139 GRT) mine. It was not repaired (note: often wrongly reported EL-74)
23/Nov/43 sunk German merchant Santa Fè (4627 GRT) mine. Ship carried 1278tons of military cargo, including 12 assault guns (most of StuG type but at least 2 experimental Jagdpanzers) and 100 naval mines.
14/Dec/43 German submarine-chaser UJ-102 was launching depth charges right above the wreck of Santa Fè (after a reported contact with submarine) and exploded after fuel from the wreck was ignited. It was an indirect victory.
11/May/44 damaged German tanker Friederike (7327 GRT) torpedo, not repaired. (Previously damaged in 1943 by ShCh-216). A heavy loss because prevented her use for evacuations of troops from Crimea.
L-5 17/Feb/43 it’s possible that German landing craft F-473 (155 GRT) was badly damaged (not recovered) on submarines’ field of mines (probably could have been another mine).
L-6 (lost 18 Apr 1944 wreck not yet found and 3 possible causes of loss. On 16 April 1944 sunk by German submarine chaser UJ-115 Rosita and seaplane Bv-138; on 18 April 1944 sunk by German submarine chaser UJ-104; on 21 April 1944 sunk by German submarine chaser UJ-103)
26/Nov/43 sunk German merchant Wolga-Don (956 GRT) torpedo. 325tons of cargo for Luftwaffe including 88mm anti-aircraft guns, car vehicles, motorcycles, bombs.

Leninist series XIIImod
L-23 (wreck not yet found and 3 possible causes of loss. On 17 Jan 1944 sunk by German submarine chaser UJ-106 with depth charges; on 18 Jan 1944 sunk by German landing craft F-239 with ramming; on 30 Jan 1944 sunk by German seaplane)
14/Nov/42 badly damaged German tanker Ossag (2793 GRT) torpedo (ship was carrying 3800tons of fuel)
15/Jun/43 it’s possible that German landing craft F-121 (155 GRT) was sunk on submarines’ field of mines.
L-24 (lost between 15 and 29 Dec 1942 mine from Romanian field “S-15”)
L-25 (lost 18 Dec 1944 accident )(non-battle loss, after end of hostilities in Black Sea).

Dekabrist series I
(D-5 and D-6 with old tower)
D-4 (wreck not yet found. Probably sunk after 1 December 1943 on mine from fields “S-47” or “S-50”)
11/Aug/43 it is possible that sunk German merchant Boy Federsen (6689 GRT) with torpedo. Ship suffered at the same time air-attack and received three torpedo hits.
20/Aug/43 sunk Bulgarian merchant Varna (2141 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 520tons of ammunition
D-5 8/Dec/42 sunk Turkish schooner Beycik (55/60 GRT)gunfire
D-6 (lost 26 Jun 1942 scuttled in harbor to avoid capture)

A-1 (lost 26 Jun 1942 scuttled in harbor to avoid capture)
21/Jul/21 sunk the defecting ship Sawa (? GRT) gunfire (Russian Civil War)
2/Aug/21 capture the White merchant Afanasiy Feofany (482 GRT) (Russian Civil War)
A-2 2/Aug/21 capture the White merchant Energiya (664 GRT) (Russian Civil War)
10/Oct/43 sunk German landing craft F-474 (155 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of ammunition
A-3 (lost after 28 Oct 1943 sunk by likely by German floating mine close Eupatoria (Note: the claim of German auxiliary ship Shiff-19 is discredited because submarine communicated to base after the attack))
29/May/42 sunk Romanian merchant Sulina (3495 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 4000 tons of oats, 510 tons of wheat, 2 artillery guns and ammunition.
A-5 Received the Order of the Red Banner
11/Jun/42 forced to run aground the Romanian merchant Ardeal (5695 GRT) torpedo. Cargo for Luftwaffe (including engines)

Malyutka series VI

Malyutka series VImod
M-54, M-55

Malyutka series XII
M-31 (likely lost on 17 Dec 1942 by German submarine chaser UJ-116 Xanten with depth charges (Note: claim by Romanian destroyer Marasesti in July 1943 obviously discredited))
6/Oct/42 sunk Romanian tug Oltul (50 GRT) torpedo
M-33 (lost between 22-25 Aug 1942 mine from Romanian field “S-33” laid by minelayers Amiral Murgescu and Dacia)
M-34 (lost after 3 Nov 1941 mine from a Romanian field)
M-35 Received the Guards Badge
26/Oct/41 damage German landing craft SF-35 (140 GRT) gunfire and then she’s lost on storm.
27/Oct/41 unexploded torpedo hit against the German anti-submarine vessel “Schiff-19/ Lola” (1193 GRT)
21/Oct/42 sunk German tanker Le Progrès (511 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 348tons of oil and 149tons of gasoline
2/Nov/43 destroyed German barge L-1293 (1270 GRT) with torpedo.
23/Nov/43 unexploded torpedo hit against German submarine chaser UJ-101
M-36 (lost 4 Jan 1944 accident )(during post-repair sea trials, non-battle loss).
23/Aug/42 sunk German tug Ankara (112 GRT) torpedo
M-58 (lost Oct 1941 mine from a Romanian field (Note: claim by Romanian destroyer Regina Maria on 4 November discredited because sunk before 21 October))
M-59 (lost Nov 1941mine from a Romanian field (note: claim by Romanian destroyer on 17 December 1941 impossible due submarine’s lack of autonomy))
M-60 (lost between 23-26 Sep 1942 mine from Romanian field “S-33” laid by minelayers Amiral Murgescu and Dacia)
M-62 received the Guards Badge
M-111 Received the Order of Red Banner
27/Nov/42 after having missed with torpedo an enemy barge, Soviets reported a collision with her: unclear event.
29/Jun/43 was possibly responsible for unexploded torpedo hit on German landing craft F-325
17/Jul/43 unexploded torpedo hit against German merchant Adelheid (444 GRT)
28/Aug/43 heavily damaged German tanker Hainburg (378 GRT) torpedo (not repaired). 20% of cargo was lost.
12/Nov/43 sunk German merchant Theoderich (3817 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of military equipment.
M-112 25/Oct/43 destroyed barge Tyra V (1278 GRT) torpedo
M-113 on 28/Feb/42 shelled an enemy airfield but probably causing no damage.
M-117 13/Nov/43 observed hit and explosion on a target after torpedo attack. No confirmation
M-118 (likely lost on 2 Oct 1942 sunk by German seaplane Bv-138. Wreck not yet found, expeditions failed to locate it in the claimed spot by attack with depth charges from Romanian corvettes Ghigulescu and Stihi Eugen on 1 October))
1/Oct/42 sunk German merchant Salzburg (1742 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 840t of manganese ore. In addition, 2300 Soviet POWs, at least 1200 soviet prisoners were killed during the sinking.
M-120 After the war, on 27 August 1947, the submarine dispatched to sink with gunfire the two German submarines U-18 and U-24 that had been captured in Black Sea at the end of the war.

Malyutka series XV

Data from modern author Miroslav Morozov.
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Soviet cogitations: 278
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Post 14 Jan 2014, 15:46
Added class profiles from site (c)
Soviet cogitations: 278
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Post 29 Jan 2016, 20:33
Last year I updated submarines "A-1" and "A-2" with victories scored during the Russian Civil War.
Original source: ... 1322998498
Soviet cogitations: 278
Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 20 Feb 2010, 11:57
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Post 25 Jul 2018, 15:34
Major Updates:
* Inserted main credits of original sources (neutral modern Russian source and German source as cross-work).
* During years 2010-2018 some Soviet submarines wrecks have been discovered in Black Sea! Fate of some ships has been revised as consequences (such revision occurred only on updated Russian sources).
Significantly, currently only a single Soviet submarine is fully credited to the Romanian Navy with depth charge attack and the Bulgarian Navy score dropped to zero. (Have to be remembered that the Romanian Navy can claim up a dozen of Soviet Submarine sunk on their own defensive fields of mines: half of the overhall Soviet Submarine losses in Black Sea).
* ShCh-205, ShCh-209 and L-4 increased their victory tally.
* L-4 has additional unconfirmed victories.
* ShCh-215 received a new victory, but a previous one now discredited and removed from list.
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