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11/19/16 USFSP NYC celebrates Bolshevik Revolution

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Post 19 Nov 2016, 01:38
Sorry for the short notice, but I just read this now. Seems like something SE members would be interested in.

I don't check the U.S. Friends of the Soviet People website very often, so lucky I found this the night before.

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Kamran Heiss
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Post 19 Nov 2016, 05:39
Thanks for posting. I think you should change the headline to 11/19/16 so that folks don't think this event happened a decade ago.

Grover Furr will be there! He's been VERY quiet, or at least less noticeable than normal, this whole election cycle. I haven't seen his name in print for several years now. I remember kind of liking Grover. A "bit" sectarian and irascible, sort of like a Stalinist Bernie Sanders, but a very knowledgeable and witty guy. Thanks for reminding us he's out and about, alive and well!
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