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A Greek CP devoted to fighting 'NeoNazi' Russia-China-Iran

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Post 03 May 2013, 06:06
Strange party, believes Russia was behind 9/11 ... _of_Greece


[edit]Russian social imperialism
According to the positions of OAKKE, which describes itself as a proletarian revolutionary and anti-imperialist organization, it conducts a struggle mainly against “Russian social imperialism”, which is currently considered by it the biggest threat to world peace, as was the pre-war Nazi Germany, based, as said before, on the Maoist strategy of the three worlds.[citation needed] The Russian social imperialism, according to OAKKE, from 1991 on, enters a new phase because the perestroika and reform "were the most profound attempts of social-fascist Russia to become autonomous from the USSR to try from that moment onwards to coil again around her a neo-tsarist empire from the ruins of the USSR. This is the era of the "dead bug" which ends today with the creation of Russian-Chinese war axis.[citation needed]
[edit]The neo-Nazi axis (Russia, China, Iran)
Furthermore, according to the positions of the organization, there is an allied axis which consists of Russia - China - Iran, under the overall guidance of the first, which is, in its essence, neo-Nazi. Despite its opposition to the expansionist policy of the most chauvinistic aspects of the Israeli bourgeoisie and its support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and to gain this right to an independent state, OAKKE, unlike all the other organizations and parties in Greece with reference to the left, defends the right of Israel to defend itself against attacks received from forces such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and believes these two organizations are Islamo-Nazi and hidden arms of the neo-Nazi axis.
So, OAKKE took -in the main- the side of Israel in the battle that the latter gave in the summer of 2006 against Hezbollah, as OAKKE believes that anti-Semitism, today expressed by the request for the destruction of the state of Israel and the theory of "stateless Jewish capitalist" and "the Jewish conspiracy for world domination," will be one of the flags of the Axis in a possible global war waged against first and foremost the peoples of the world, but also against the rivals of Russia, China, and Iran, thus the western imperialists.[4]
[edit]Negative position on a number of mass protests
OAKKE also condemns several protests in Greece, especially those which are guided by the "KKE" (pseudoKKE in the texts of the organization) and “Coalition of the Left, the Movements and Ecology” - SYN, and believes that, after 1990, many of these protests do not reflect the moods of the broad mass of workers, especially the proletariat, but mostly parts of the state bureaucracy, the worst, most corrupt and destructive ones, which are created and promoted mainly by the neo-Nazi Axis and its friends in our country,[citation needed] a position which also differs from the positions of other leftist parties that openly support every single action.
[edit]Productive sabotage
A key role in the analysis of the organization is played by the concept of "productive sabotage." This is defined by OAKKE as the destruction of the productive capital in Greece, through either the breaking down and closure of existing production units, often with “left” arguments (ecological, supposedly anti-capitalist, archaeological, etc.) or by preventing the investments by the local and western bourgeoisie. This attributed -by OAKKE- to the relationship of the leaders of the so-called "KKE" and SYN from 1956 on, and of the prime ministers Andreas Papandreou and Costas Simitis, Kostas Karamanlis and George Papandreou with Russian social-imperialism. According to OAKKE, Andreas Papandreou, the father of the current prime minister and founder of the governing PASOK party, was one of the best Russian agents of all time.
In the OAKKE analysis, the Russians and their allies or agents in Greece do this because Russia -as an imperialist country- is economically much weaker from western imperialism, and so, whatever productive capital cannot be controlled by it, must be damaged in order to economically and politically weaken a country, so as to subdue it. Direct or indirect relations with Russian social imperialism, based on the start of their business or other information from their business process, are attributed by OAKKE to large Greek businessmen, among them Sokratis Kokkalis, George Bobolas, Panos Germanos, Andreas Vgenopoulos etc.[citation needed]
A frequent criticism made by other organizations who refer to Marxism towards OAKKE is the one of "productivism,” a theory which gives priority to the development of productive forces and not to the change of the relations of production, which was characteristic of the Mensheviks in the Russian social democracy before the Revolution of 1917 and a point of friction with the Bolsheviks. OAKKE, beyond its founding declaration of 1985, in which it refers critically to this Menshevik productivist theory, most recently has answered that the fight that it gives and that it calls people to give is not mainly for the development of the productive forces, but in the opposite for the breaking of the productive relations of the country's dependence from Russian social imperialism, ultimately from any imperialism as part of the revolutionary destruction of all capitalist relations of production and their replacement by revolutionary means with socialist relations, in the way for a world classless communist society.[citation needed]
[edit]Participation of Greece in the EU
Finally, another difference with the other parties of the left is that OAKKE supports strategically (since November 1995 and its 2nd Conference) the participation of Greece in the EU, on the grounds that it is a union of bourgeois states made by consensus and not with violence, that in the main the internal relations are not based on imperialist imposition of the large state to the small one but on the bourgeois democratic consensus of the 27 States, and that through this process the European proletariat is objectively released to a certain degree by the nationalism and the chauvinism of the bourgeoisie of each country. Most importantly, since 1990 and its 1st Congress, OAKKE was supporting -in terms of tactics- the eve of Greece in the then EEC (as opposed to the founding position of OAKKE in 1985, which was a direct exit from the EEC) with the notion that United Europe constitutes a mound to the two superpowers, Russia and the USA, especially to the Russians, who according to Mao Zedong, have as their first geo-strategic goal the military conquest of Western Europe.
In accordance to its position on the need to strengthen the political unification of Europe, left behind by economic integration, the organization was in favor of the Euro-constitution, unlike all the other organizations listed on the left.[citation needed]
[edit]Reconstruction of the world communist movement
On the question of reconstruction of the world communist movement, the OAKKE, condensing its position, notes that "the new revolutionary workers parties will now have a big mandate from their members and followers: Not to become the major new rulers of society and their executives and their members not to become the new exploiters.
This means that even from now, even the smaller new workers' parties and the most industrious young revolutionary nuclei should be applied two or three basic principles: never “liberate” the masses against their will but to respect their own moods, never allow their members to convert their knowledge and their previous fight in authoritarianism, arrogance and material benefits but always to come under the criticism of the masses and to live like them, not to divide the workers to “ours” and “not ours” but to unite them by an open and honest policy, even against the current and not telling everyone what he wants to hear, and above all never put any specific class interests over the general class interests and national interests over global interests of the working class.[citation needed]
Kamran Heiss
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Post 04 May 2013, 18:05
Never heard of these losers before.
That must be some provocateur party set up by the secret service.
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Post 12 May 2013, 04:56
This is a secterian, dogmatic party of provocauters which are aimed at splinterning, sabotating and destroy the communist movement in Greece, represented by the heroic comrades of Kommunistkoyo Komma Elladas(KKE).
The Paris Communards struggled and died in the defense of their ideas. The banners of the revolution and of socialism are not surrendered without a fight. Only cowards and the demoralized surrender — never Communists and other revolutionaries.
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Post 12 May 2013, 12:55
"kommunistkoyo"? not quite.

And what the KKE has been representing for decades was sectarianism and dogmatic stalinist elitism.
"Don't know why i'm still surprised with this shit anyway." - Loz
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Post 20 Jun 2013, 17:28

Yeah they are maybe the only party in the world that still follow the mao's 3-world theory. If you could read them you would see that they are not that "strange", though they have some positions about inter-imperialist conflict that is way far fetched.

For example, since you said about 9/11, Litvinenko (the escapee FSB agent that fled to UK) revealed that Al-zauwahri (2nd rank in Al-Qaeda) was trained in Dagestan by FSB, 6 months before 9/11,and that proves that they had done a significant job inside al qaeda, spreading this extremist-provocative anti-american attitude.. The 9/11 attack forced US to attack taliban, who were traditionaly pro-US or at least neutral, and bring in the foreground the "Northern Alliance" that included the ex-soviet governemt that russia continued to fund since 1996. So this with this provocation russia managed to regain some control into the inner scene of afghanistan, along with the US, and also managed to raise "anti-americanism" in the peoples of middle east.

Mabool wrote:
"And what the KKE has been representing for decades was sectarianism and dogmatic stalinist elitism.

The last(and first) stalinist of KKE was hanged by KGB in 1973 in his siberian confinement that he was kept after the khruscovite antistalinist coup within KKE in 1956. It's a shame calling KKE stalinist (especially for the period before 2009 with the 18th congress) ... .00035.JPG
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Post 21 Jun 2013, 06:32
Litvinenko?? The guy "poisoned" by polonium? The same who was also an MI6 agent? The one that worked for Berezovsky? Nice source you've got there...

"Where Argentina goes, Latin America will go".
Leonid Brezhnev

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Post 21 Jun 2013, 07:17
Why is it that radical Maoists and radical Trots always end up arguing essentially the same line but with different acronyms and phraseology?
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Post 21 Jun 2013, 12:53
Che Burashka wrote:
Litvinenko?? The guy "poisoned" by polonium? The same who was also an MI6 agent? The one that worked for Berezovsky? Nice source you've got there...

I'm just saying what oakke says, I'm not adopting it.
Just info since I'm greek and I try to get info from all parties (oakke's theory is not known even in greece,except a few members or people that know the history of the m-l movement)

(btw, he was not MI6 agent.He had info but nothing the UK didn't know)

But what I say about Northern Alliance and their funding from Russia since 1996 can be easily checked ie:
Old Soviet tanks, helicopters and kalashnikovs are being supplied in a multi-million dollar arms deal between Russia and the Northern Alliance.
Russia has long been a secret ally of the Northern Alliance, supplying guns and supplies to the ousted Afghan governmentsince 1996

Russia in multi-million arms deal with Northern Alliance(2001)

Al-Zawahiri was active in Egypt and Iran which shows that he was affiliated with the pro-russian sphere and not the american one.

Dagoth Ur wrote:
Why is it that radical Maoists and radical Trots always end up arguing essentially the same line but with different acronyms and phraseology?

Its a concpiracy

Btw most so called maoist are really hoxhaist, since they left 3-world theory and other positions that have to do with the 3world's struggle. From this point of view they are what Maoists during the split were naming "m-l neotrotskism".

Or that could be just one of the possible answers to your question.
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