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No 3 (96) MARCH 2011


January 27, 1944 marked the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad
History does not remember such a feat in a besieged city, which was Leningrad during the Nazi blockade, in which from the paralyzing blows of cold, hunger, disease and constant bombing, the population survived, and together with the army launched a counter-offensive. Because history itself had not been faced with such a thirst for life, which besieged Leningrad generated, had not known the beliefs and strengths of the leaders in the city besieged by the enemy, and who constantly found solutions for its defense and began a counterattack in order to exhaust the enemy. At the same time, leaders of the city did their best to restore the operation of objects that had been destroyed by the enemy, and even built in the frozen workshops, weapons that would lead to victory.

February 16 - Birthday of DPRK leader Kim Jong Il

On February 16, Korean people celebrate the Birthday of the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Jong Il - Chairman of the National Defence Committtion of the DPRK, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK.

We congratulate Great Kim Jong Il on his birthday and in his name, the entire Korean people on this auspicious occasion.

The years of leadership in the DPRK by Kim Jong Il have been historically the most difficult because of the sharp aggravation of the crisis of world imperialism and attempts by the hawks in the U.S. and world governments to ignite the fire of nuclear war, where only is provided such an opportunity - anywhere in the world, because the globe is actually declared a U.S. "zone of their vital interests."

(Translated from Russian)
On the website I found the story of Nadezhda Raks entitled "This is what I think. A look at religion and atheism in the modern world." I decided to enter into a debate since I cannot agree with the author. I cannot agree with her, in principle.
The author writes that "modern Communists must remain faithful to the traditions of the founders of scientific communism." True. However, the same Nadezhda Raks has been unable to preserve this conviction of actual ideas of scientific atheism that are really necessary today. I will try to argue my impartial conclusion. Moreover, it should be done, as the shamefaced materialism of the author is shared by many scientists-naturalists.

The December 2010 events in Moscow, when in different parts of the city, youth clashed with militia (not with "law enforcement", but law abusing bodies, since they do not protect the rights of citizens but violate them) can not be unequivocally condemned, or, conversely, be approved of. Because the causes of these events are the result of a very complex socio-economic situation in all major cities.


Russians believe that their labor rights are not protect

14.01.2011 18:49
According to a recent VTsIOM poll, most Russians believe that their labour rights are insufficiently protected (80%), while 50% believe that their rights are not protected by anyone.
However, 67% of respondents did not resort to any means of protection of their rights and only 1% took part in demonstrations, strikes and other protests.

21 FEBRUARY Russia, Siberia, Novosibirsk,

On February 21, in Novosibirsk, Siberia, another rally was held outside the regional administration building, demanding the return of unlimited free
travel on public transport for pensioners and other people "privileged" on benefits, which were abolished from 1st January this year by governor Yurchenko’s decision. The authorities also this time refused to agree with the organisers on the rally venue, proposing that that the rally been moved from outside the windows of the governor to an uninhabited area at a local library, to where they attempting to send all rallies. Thus, this latest event went ahead without “mayoral consent”. The rally was organized by the "Pensioners – For A Dignified Life" and "Youth - For Veterans Rights”, movements which includes representatives of leftist organizations of Novosibirsk.
In the morning Russian police carried preventive detention of activists of the movement for the restoration of unlimited travel. Leader of the Novosibirsk AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks) Alex Denisyuk was detained and locked up in a cell for not paying fines to the State Road Safety Inspectorate.
Another Novosibirsk politician Igor Lobarev, when leaving his apartment, was met by people identifying themselves as CID officers wanting to take him down to the police station. He managed to escape and locked himself back into his apartment. He was also unable to get to the rally.
The rally was attended by about 400 people. The participants demanded from the Governor the immediate restoration of unlimited travel on public transport and chanted "Disgrace!", "Unlimited travel - to pensioners!" "Yurchenko, come outside, sneaky coward!"
There were also slogans: "Down with the "United Russia" party," “Let’s have socialism," "One solution - revolution!” and "Tunis, Cairo, Novosibirsk!"
A resolution was adopted at the rally, demanding the governor rescind his decision before March 4. Another rally is planned for March 4 in the same place, notice of which has been filed to the mayor's office.
By the end of the rally, police had arrested and detained several protesters. Protocols on administrative violations were drawn up on all of them for - participation in an rally without Mayoral consent.

Photos ... 1-02-22-94

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