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News of the Russian Communist Workers' Party

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The Russian Communist Workers' Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists (RCWP-RPC) was established in October 2001, through the merger of the Russian Communist Workers' Party and the Russian Party of Communists, with the aim of resurrecting socialism and the USSR.

The RCWP-RPC is led by Viktor Tyulkin (he was co-chairman with Anatolii Kriuchkov until the latter deceased in 2005).

Party ideology is revolutionary Marxism-Leninism. The RCWP-RPC considers the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) to be reformist and right opportunist. The RCWP-RPC supposes that the CPRF is a typical social democratic party under the communist name.

Party publishes a newspaper “Trudovaya Rossiya” (“Labour Russia”) and the theoretical journal “Sovetskiy Soyuz” (“Soviet Union”).

The RCWP-RPC claims to have supported all the biggest occupations and strikes in Russia. It has links to the Russian trade union “Zashchita”. The party controls the work of the Russian executive committee of the Congress of the Soviets of workers.

The youth organization of the RCWP-RPC is called RCYL(b) (Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks)) and is one of the most active communist youth organizations in Russia. RCYL(b) is led by Alexander Batov.

The historical essay

Officially Russian Communist Workers’ Party was created by the Founding congress in the Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) on November 23-24, and Russian (Revolutionary) Party of Communists – on December 14, 1991. But the historical roots of the forming of the RCWP and RPC are in the more old times, in the history of the struggle yet in the depths of the CPSU, in the confrontation between the real communists and Gorbachev’s line for capitalization of the country, degeneration of the CPSU.

At the end of the Perestroika when the leaders of CPSU began to carry out the frankly capitalist reforms, real communists understood that this policy would lead the country and soviet socialism to the breakdown. They began to make their first organizations in response to the bourgeois reforms. In May 1989 the United Front of the Working People (UFWP) and All-union society “Unity – For the Leninism and communist ideals” were created. In November 1989 Komsomol members created the informal movement “Union of the young communists” (UYC). In April 1990 the Movement of the communist initiative (MCI) was created on the base of the UFWP of USSR.

Forming of the different platforms began in the CPSU in 1989-1990 too. “Bolshevist platform” and “Marxist platform” were the famous of them. Anticommunist “Democratic platform” appeared in 1989 and stopped their membership of CPSU in 1990. As you see, degrading 20-millions CPSU was going to pieces of the different political views. But on the other hand disintegration of the CPSU into ideological platforms helped soviet communists to go through organization crisis in the year of 1991.

Since anti-gorbachev party opposition was concentrated mainly in the Russian organizations of the CPSU, Movement of the communist initiative resolved to fight for creation Russian communist party to counterbalance CC of the CPSU (Russia was the only republic of USSR which hadn’t own communist party) . Central Committee of the CPSU was forced to consent this idea. Russian party conference of the CPSU was convened on the 19-23 of June 1990. The conference positioned itself as the Founding congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (CP RSFSR). 2768 delegates took part in this conference-congress. They were elected to 28th Congress of the CPSU from party organizations of the RSFSR.


Delegates of the Russian party conference of the CPSU, June 1990

That 28th Congress (July 2-13, 1990) became the apogee of the communist resistance when delegates-representatives of the MCI and Marxist platform gave battle against the reformers-capitalizators.


Delegates of the 28th Congress of the CPSU

At the Congress MCI made a statement which forewarned the party and Soviet people about the inadmissibility of “cure socialism by capitalism” and about this lead country to breakdown. One third of the Congress (1259 delegates) supported this statement. Straight at the Congress B. Yeltsin stopped his membership of a party.

In those days of the Founding congress of CP RSFSR and 28th Congress of CPSU comrades from MCI and Marxist platform were building defensive lines as far as they could. They could take a whole number of their comrades into CC CPSU and CC CP RSFSR. Alexey Sergeyev (MCI), Alexey Prigarin and Alexander Buzgalin (Marxist platform) were elected into the CC of CPSU at that time. Comrades from the Movement of the Cominitiative: Ivan Boltovsky, Alexander Zolotov, Viktor Dolgov, Viktor Tyulkin, Valery Kozlenkov, Albert Makashov, Yuriy Barygin, Igor Bratishchev, Anatoly Kryuchkov (Marxist platform) and a number of other comrades were included into the CC of CP RSFSR.

After the Congress inner-party struggle between “orthodox” Marxists and bourgeois reformers continued with new vigour. Crisis in the party became more profound. Gorbachev’s authority was so low in 1991 that his dismissal from the position General Secretary of the CC became fully real. Right at that time committee for calling of the extraordinary 29th Congress of the CPSU was created. That is the threat of the communist coup was becoming more and more real in the CPSU itself. But… In August 1991 the events known as “Soviet coup d'état attempt” happened.

Untalented, provocative actions of the so called State Committee of the State of Emergency permitted counterrevolution to make a giant step forward. Already on 23 August president B. Yeltsin prohibited the activity of the CPSU and CP RSFSR in Russia.

It is clear that to stop the activity of the real communists by prohibitions is impossible. The history proved this many times: there were more tough prohibitors than Yeltsin – in 1941-1945. So it is naturally enough that real communists from the Movement of the Communist Initiative and Marxist platform, simply detachments of the CPSU that refused to surrender did not stop their struggle. As far back as prohibition CPSU the date of Initiative congress of communists in Sverdlovsk had been set (November 23-24).

But the official top of CP RSFSR didn’t support the idea to create new communist party on Marxist-Leninist bases. A whole number of secretaries of CC suggested waiting because Yeltsin “wouldn’t let to create party as well as under communist name” etc. These “waiting comrades” began their activity only in the year of 1993 when constitutional court revoked the decree about prohibition of the CP RSFSR. Then they held the second (reconstructive) congress of the CP RSFSR on March 13-14, 1993 and gave party a new name – CP RF (Communist Party of Russian Federation).

But real communists ignored all Yeltsin’s bans, assembled congress in the Sverdlovsk and founded Russian Communist Workers’ Party on November 23-24, 1991. Two weeks later Soviet Union discontinued its existence. Three weeks later (on December 14) comrades from Marxist platform founded Russian Party of Communists.

Restoration of capitalism led a huge mass of the Russian people to sharp worsening of life. Therefore expectedly communist manifestations in 1992-1993 assembled enormous number of people under the red banners. RCWP, RPC, movement “Labour Russia” placed themselves at the head of those really fighting demonstrations. Exactly at that time bourgeois power first used non-lethal weapons against the demonstrators. Moscow May-Day demonstration in 1993 was broken up with particular cruelty. Video: dispersion of the May-Day demonstration in Moscow 1993

However all these events were only prelude to bloody battle in October 1993. Soviet constitution of RSFSR which was remaining valid at that time and the Supreme Soviet of Russia didn’t allow Russian bourgeoisie to establish definitive dictatorship. The Supreme Soviet of Russia as before kept a large power in its hands that did not suit Yeltsin. This contradiction between Yeltsin and the Supreme Soviet led to rising on 3-4 October 1993 when tens of thousands of people stood up in defence of the Supreme Soviet and Soviet rule. The rising was cruelly suppressed by forces while building where the Supreme Soviet was situated was shelled by tanks. On those tragic days one third of the Central Committee of RCWP took part directly in defence of the House of Soviets. RCWP and RPC had loss with the killed and injured.


The burning House of Soviets. October 4, 1993

After those events RCWP was temporarily banned. Nevertheless already on 7 November 1993 RCWP and RPC organized manifestations in honour of Great October Socialist Revolution. Zyuganov (leader of CPRF) gave a command to his party – TO ABSTAIN.


Illegal political meeting of the Russian Party of Communists. November 7, 1993

RCWP boycotted the first elections of the State Duma since there was attempt to legitimize coup d'état of October 1993. But boycott was broken because CPRF actively took part in those elections. That election campaign made CPRF the famous party.

RCWP resolved to take part in the parliamentary elections in 1995 and 1999. In the 1995 Duma election the Party won 4.53% and 3 500 000 votes. In the 1999 Duma election the Party won 2.2% and 1 481890 votes.

In view of closeness of the ideological viewpoints of the both RCWP and RPC these parties resolved to merge. Uniting congress of the RCWP-RPC was held on October 27, 2001.


224 delegates of the Uniting congress of the RCWP-RPC is voting for merger unanimously. October 27, 2001

In 2005 year regional organizations of the RCWP-RPC actively supported public protest against the monetization of benefits. Especially sharply events developed in the Solnechnogorsk (Moscow oblast) where RCWP organized blocking of the federal highway M10 Moscow – St. Petersburg. Some communists were arrested.


RCWP-RPC leads people to the blocking of the federal highway in the Solnechnogorsk. January 9, 2005
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Keep up the good work.
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Intensification of the exploitation of workers is a policy goal of the Russian bourgeoisie
Declaration of the Commission of the CC RCWP-RPC on working-class movement

The class peace with bourgeoisie costs working people more expensive. Aspiring to keep own position under the conditions of the growing crisis of the capitalist production ruling class intensifies attack on the proletariat’s achievements. So called civil society shows its true face. In the countries of the capitalist world international organizations and bourgeois governments, whether liberal or conservative, social democratic or almost “socialist” governments, cancel under compulsion social safeguards of workers, raise the pension age, worsen conditions of work and wages, and introduce keen methods of exploitation by the use of fettering labour contracts. In response to the attack of bourgeoisie the tide of protests and strikes is raised in the first place by the most organized and trained with struggle detachments of the European proletariat of the Greece, France, Spain, and Belgium.

According to mass media representatives of bourgeoisie from the Committee on labour market, personnel policies and pension system of the “Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs” (RSPP), which is led by the large businessmen, president of the ONEXIM group Mikhail Prokhorov, intend to legalize 60-hour working week, to introduce so called “distance work”, to deprive workers of paid holiday for taking examinations studying in the educational institutions of their own choice (without employer’s letter of referral).

Reactionary project of the amendments of the Labour Code gives employer the right to change labour contract with worker unilaterally not only by reasons associated with changes of the organizational and technological conditions of work but also “by reasons of economic character”. In addition upper class wishes to reduce a period from 2 to 1 month for which employer must inform worker about the coming changes of the labour contract as well as about its termination.

In fact employers in the person of Mr. Prokhorov said still in April 2010 reform of the labour laws didn’t bring them desired conditions of the exploitation of workers because according to data of RSPP indefinite-term contract remains to be the main form of employ in Russia: in the year of 2000 – 76.8%, in the year of 2007 – 81%, while fixed-date contract – 12% and 10% respectively.

The upper class intends to conclude a fixed-date contract with “the individuals getting a job for the first time” including graduating students of the educational institutions too. Workers who have reached the age of 60 years and have right on complete labour pension are transferred to the fixed-date labour contract. The fixed-date contract “with individuals getting a job or being in labour relations with employer may be restricted with the appointed period (from 1 to 5 years)”.

Thus organized Russian business intends to legalize many ways of exploitation of the people which have been yet practiced through breaking own bourgeois laws. In the time of this, jurists’ position and economic interest is significant: representatives of the bourgeois intelligentsia “in whole welcome change of the Labour Code” which, in their opinion, “defends workers very strongly whereas employer often can not require even elementary execution of his obligations from the lazy worker”.

The community of exploiter interests of the bourgeoisie and bourgeois intelligentsia dancing to them becomes apparent more obvious in respect of the working people. Under the talk about democracy and social agreement exploiters and parasites line up a front against the working people – front of Whites. Bringing profit to upper class is one thing of the all civil rights and freedoms promised by advocates of market economy which is reserved for wage workers. Achievement of this policy goal of national bourgeoisie in the modern conditions when proletariat under the oppression of private capitalist relationships loses ability to reproduce itself may cost all people a life. We may not allow this!

The Russian communist workers’ party again appeals to organized workers, to all working people of Russia and calls in response to impertinent pretensions of the organized bourgeoisie to stand up in defence of your class interests. To join in the building of the Russian United Labour Front, to pursue an own, workers’ policy in the interests of the all working people of Russia.

Organization of the bourgeoisie may be shaken only with the organization of the proletariat, joining the workers into the united class workers’ front – ROT FRONT!

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Post 05 Dec 2010, 19:12
Highly interesting! Keep up the good work.
"Don't know why i'm still surprised with this shit anyway." - Loz
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ROT FRONT passes to take the offensive again
Congress of the ROT FRONT has taken place.

As we have informed, in spite of the all attempts (including obviously illegal) on the part of officials represented by the Ministry of Justice to prevent ROT FRONT activity in every possible way, not to allow its registration, we don’t intend to surrender and to abandon our goal. In fact ROT FRONT already established itself, irrespective of a fact of rejection of its registration – we joined efforts with our allies, and above all we united fighting class workers’ trade unions, their activists around the ROT FRONT.

We continue to work according to plan. Along with submitting the action on illegal activities of the Ministry of Justice to the court (action was submitted as far back as the 16th of October) we continue procedures stipulated by the law on registration of the ROT FRONT.

On November 27, 2010 the (second) Founding congress of the ROT FRONT (Russian United Labour Front) took place. Delegations of the 57 Russia’s regions numbering in concordance with the law in threes or more delegates – in all 196 delegates participated in work of congress. All requirements of the law, all prescribed procedures were done at the congress. Necessary documents were adopted, governing bodies were elected. V. Tyulkin and S. Udaltsov were elected as secretaries-coordinators of the ROT FRONT.

In addition the congress adopted a number of appeals and other documents. These documents will be published within the next few days.

Press centre of the CC RCWP-RPC

Delegates of the congress at work

Comrade V. Tyulkin, First secretary of the CC RCWP-RPC is speaking

A. Etmanov, Chairman of the Inter-regional trade union of the workers of motor industry is speaking.

S. Udaltsov, leader of the Left Front is speaking

Comrade V. Turulo, secretary of the Kirov oblast committee of the RCWP-RPC, regional general court deputy

Voting is in progress
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Post 01 Oct 2011, 20:52
Stop Repressions Against The Russian Communists in Kazakhstan!
The Declaration of the Bureau of the CC of the RCYL(b)

Communists and all the progressive forces of Russia are the inseparable part of the international proletarian movement, thus they have no right to be apart from the struggle of the working class, wherever it takes place, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The RCWP-RPC, the RCYL(b), the ROT-Front carefully observe the heroic struggle of the Kazakh oil-workers which has been waged until now. It is necessary to mention that the RCYL(b) has held actions of class solidarity supporting the struggling workers of Kazakhstan and their just demands in Moscow, Leningrad, Voronezh and has organized a collection of signatures supporting the striking workers. But no distant support can replace close cooperation and help. The information blockade may be torn down only through participating in the events themselves and through the cooperation with the workers. That is why contacts with the Kazakh workers, doing what we can to help them, seeing with our own eyes the violence and repressions which are represented even in murdering workers' activists in Zhaonzen and the Mangistau Region - all this has become the most necessary need and task of the Russian brothers in class.

Committing their international duty, several days ago representatives of the Russian United Labor Front (ROT-Front) which is the wide coalition of communist, the most progressive workers' and left-wing forces, were given a task to go to the Manfistau Region. Of course, they were not going to incite the assassination of the Kazakh officials and the burning of shops, nor to make a coup d'etat, nor to overthrow Nazarbayev, nor to spy for the Russian Federation. They went to observe the events unfolding there, to give complete information of the struggle in Zhaonzen to the Russian and world communists. They went to give the Kazakh workers moral support and advice.

But for the Kazakh authorities a contact of the two "fishy" foreigners with the striking workers became enough to use the most disgraceful methods of suppressing against them, from provocations during the attempts of registration and external observation to direct attacks of "someone unknown" and murder threats from the police. The day before yesterday our comrades were unlawfully arrested and exhaustingly interrogated. In fact they have been held under home arrest, under vigilant surveillance of the external observation. The culmination of the Mangistau authorities' fury was the unlawful exclusion of our comrades from the region with a clear intention of excluding them from the country.

Such is the real state of things in the capitalist society and such is the essence of those whose main aim is getting profit. They will do anything to conceal the honest and objective information about their dirty deeds and crimes against the working people, about the shed blood and grave situation in which thousands of labor people exist.

We call everybody who considers disgusting the turning of the working people into work cattle, to spread this information as wide as possible.

We call everybody who hates the predatory rapture of the bourgeoisie of any nationality in its unlawful actions, to express his protest to the Kazakhstan authorities against their actions of repressing the striking oil-workers and our comrades from the ROT-Front in any form: either by a telephone call or by an e-mail.

Stop concealing violence against workers!

Stop the unlawful repressions of the Kazakhstan authorities against the striking workers and Russian communists!

Long live the striking workers of Kazakhstan!

Long live the solidarity of the Russian and the world working people with the workers in Kazakhstan!

Workers of the world, unite!

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Post 09 Oct 2011, 01:54
People's Volunteer Corps or Fooling?
A Declaration of the RCWP-RPC's Central Committee on the results of negotiations with the CPRF leadership

During the run-up to the State Duma elections competing groups from the bourgeoisie and their petty-bourgeois allies, despite all their differences, unite their efforts in the so-called "Popular Front", led by Vladimir Putin himself. This front is intended against the working people, whose political representatives - the RCWP-RCP and the ROT-Front, were not allowed by the authorities to participate in the elections, depriving the RCWP of its legal registration by a court ruling, and refusing to register the ROT-Front as a political entity by decision of the Ministry of Justice - six times in a row, no less.

These circumstances forced the RCWP and the representatives of class-conscious workers’ unions to turn to the one large official party that calls itself Communist - the CPRF - with a proposition to use its seats in the Parliament to gather all the anti-capitalist class forces into one All-Russian Labor Front (the ROT-Front), so they may be able to repel the anti-popular "front" of the exploiters.

But the CPRF leadership responded with an initiative of their own: to create a "People’s Volunteer Corps" of some kind. The CPRF had several months to consider the proposal by the RCWP and the unions to form a united left-wing class-conscious force, since March 2011, to be precise, but all these considerations were just a way to stall for time: finally, the CPRF refused outright.

What exactly did the CPRF leadership rebuke?
They refused to ally themselves with the Russian Communist Workers’ Party and the workers’ organizations in the upcoming elections, refused to include the union leaders, who have a real, hands-on experience of class struggle and successful strikes, in their candidate lists.

Maybe the idea proposed by the RCWP demanded of the CPRF to cut their own candidate listings for the Federal and Regional Parliament elections too much? Absolutely no, since after the negotiations our Party had to settle for just one out of ten seats in the State Duma to be reserved for a worker candidate, and two passable places in the listings for Saint-Petersburg and Tumen Oblast legislative assemblies. It is also worth mentioning that the RCWP "petitioned" for seats not on behalf of the party leaders, but for the real workers’ activists, the representatives of factory collectives, who are known throughout Russia for their struggle against capitalists both foreign and domestic. Such experience is very precious today, for it is few indeed, and it needs to be supported and disseminated, so it would be logical to assume, that a positive decision was inevitable.

Yet the CPRF leadership has rejected this offer. Using blatantly non-Communist methods while at the same time attempting to save face, they offered the worker candidates some obviously non-passable districts, thus limiting their participation in the elections to an ignoble role not unlike cinema extras. The leaders of this party remained faithful to their unspoken conventions, practiced for years: the candidate listings of the CPRF are almost completely devoid of workers, instead being filled with more and more representatives of the so-called "elite" with each passing year: businessmen, entrepreneurs, even a police general and Putin’s personal friend V. Cherkesov, not to mention the already formed strata of a new party bureaucracy that strives to take its place in the Parliament. In many a regional organization civilized discussion on tactics is replaced by pointless bickering between leaders as a preparation to the looming elections.

The CPRF leadership does not seem to be alarmed by the fact that this practice has already led to a series of shameful occurrences, such as the CPRF faction members defecting to the other side after gaining seats on the Parliament: Rybkin, Podberezkin, Semago, Seleznyov, Semigin, Goryacheva, Tuleev, Tkachev - to name but a few, along with other, lesser politicians from regional legislative assemblies. And it is in this situation that the CPRF leaders tell the workers’ candidates that they have no seats for them! For the CPRF, the parliamentary elections turned into a business venture of sorts, providing them with a steady flow of cash through the exchange of sponsorship for parliamentary mandates and the governmental funding based on the results of the elections. The mandates gained are used by this party not to galvanize opposition outside the Duma, but to secure a hefty lifestyle with a status of a state official for the CPRF bosses and their sponsors.

Compared to this debacle the actions of the "Just Russia" party seem rather more commendable: these comrades-gentlemen, though they don’t call themselves Communists or proclaim to adhere by the Marxist-Leninist ideas, nevertheless responded to the offer of the class-conscious unions to cooperate during the upcoming elections: not only did they include the MPRA leaders, but also placed them as leaders of their regional groups in Leningrad and Samara Regions both in the State Duma and local legislative assemblies. Alexei Etmanov and Peter Zolotarev became candidates from the social-democrats.

Thus we can see clearly that the CPRF only pretends to be gathering a "People’s Volunteer Corps" against the bourgeois Front. Its real purpose is to deceive the working people with empty phrases about unrelenting struggle against capitalism, while selling parliamentary mandates to a broad variety of suspicious individuals, semi-political and semi-commercial alike, for lofty sums of money often measured in millions, cashing in on the party’s Communist label and the honest work of thousands grassroots CPRF members. The whole parliamentary campaign of the CPRF can be described not by the slogan "Broaden the class struggle of the working people" but by a loud cry "Zuganov for President!" instead.

In the present circumstances the Political Council of the RCWP-RPC's Central Committee declares its inability to support the campaign of the CPRF on the upcoming State Duma elections. The Council will furthermore propose on the Plenary Session of the Central Committee to consider the present course of the CPRF to be de-facto cooperation with the bourgeoisie, which makes it an act of treason against the working class’s interests. In the meantime, taking into account that the CPRF, "Just Russia" and "Patriots of Russia" can be considered typical parliamentary parties of a social-democratic inclination, the Political Council empowers the RCWP’s regional organizations to decide for themselves whether some of the candidates returned by said parties actually cooperate with workers’ unions and are therefore worth supporting.

The RCWP and its allies have once again discovered the precision of Lenin’s conclusion that the Communist Party has to fight all the bourgeois parties at once, and the main strategic goal of our Party is to consolidate class forces which should be furthered by the registration of the ROT-Front as a political party and the autonomous entry in the parliamentary arena to use the Parliament as a means to develop and broaden the revolutionary movement of the working people.

We shall not falter!

September 25th, 2011
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On October 22, 2011 in Moscow Plenum of the Central Committee of the RCWP-RPC took place. At the suggestion of the Political Council of the CC, whose meeting took place on October 21, at a Plenum the issue “20 years to the RCWP and RPC and tasks of the party at the present stage” was considered.

Speakers – secretaries of the CC of the RCWP-RPC V. A. Tyulkin and A. K. Cherepanov analyzed the history of struggle against Gorbachev within the CPSU, creation of the Movement of the communist initiative and Marxist platform, founding of the Russian communist workers’ party and Russian party of communists. They told about the common struggle against the bourgeois regime during 20 years, about the work on organization of the working movement and building the ROT Front, organizational strengthening of the party, about the course of implementation of the resolution of the 6th congress of the RCWP-RPC “On the entry into CPSU and merger of regional organizations”, about the party position in election campaigns of the 2011 year (State Duma and regional elections) and 2012 year (presidential and regional), about the party newspaper of the CC of the RCWP-RPC “Trudovaya Rossiya” (“The Labor Russia”), about the twentieth anniversary of the RCWP-RPC.

Plenum charged all party organizations of the RCWP-RPC with holding party meetings with agenda “20 years to RCWP and RPC and tasks of the party at the present stage” and made a resolve to award letters of commendation of the CC to veterans of the party, its founders. Also Plenum charged Political Council of the CC with making a plan of immediate actions during the near future.

Plenum of the CC adopted a resolution “On the process of implementation of the resolution of the 6th congress of the RCWP-RPC on the entry into CPSU and merger of Russian regional organizations of the RCWP-RPC and CPSU” and approved directions on the merger of organizations of the RCWP-RPC and CPSU into the united organizations of the RCWP-CPSU.

Plenum adopted a resolution “On tactics of the party at forthcoming State Duma and regional parliamentary elections”.

Plenum made a resolve to hold the 8th congress of the RCWP-RPC on April 21-22, 2012 in Moscow and to hold reports and party elections in January – March 2012.

Plenum charged Commission on working-class movement with preparing the issue on the intensification of the work of party organizations in the system of Russian executive committee of Soviets of workers, popularizing the practices of Leningrad and Moscow organizations of the RCWP-RPC on the creation of new and cooperation with active organizations of the labor union “Zashchita”.

Plenum considered a number of other logistics.

Press centre of the CC of the RCWP-RPC

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