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Revolutionary Writers' Clinic

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Post 23 Nov 2010, 23:24
Revolutionary Writers' Clinic

4 General Principles & 6 Specific Guidelines for Communist Writers

4 General Principles
    1. The Goal of the Communist Writer is to advance the Revolutionary cause
    a. Sharpen Class Struggle
    b. Promote Class Consciousness
    2. College Education (bourgeois training) has its strengths and weakness
    3. Communist Writing is Partisan
    4. Creativity means finding effective avenues for our class

6 Specific Guidelines
    1. Get to the Point!
    2. Let the Struggle Speak for itself
    3. Your implied audience shows your class orientation
    4. To write for a class is to be with your class
    5. Be Dialectical in showing the contradictions & struggles
    6. Good Writing takes Work

This was from the 2010 PSL’s National Conference on Socialism. Some other interesting points which I’ll add is that the New York Times writes on an 8th grade level, with other newspapers writing as low as a 5th grade level. They also encouraged finding one’s own source as opposed to quoting the bourgeois press. One of the most interesting principles was point two on college education. The whole process of bourgeois education is to make something non-interesting (i.e. an autobiography of oneself when your 16) into something interesting. Bourgeois writing is flowery, wordy, ect. Communist writing doesn’t need that.

"By what standard of morality can the violence used by a slave to break his chains be considered the same as the violence of a slave master?" - Walter Rodney
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