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Post 11 Oct 2010, 10:24

Comrade Kevin Cain the editor of For Bolshevism was attacked by police during anti
Tory protest in Birmingham.They tried to take his Red Flag away from him and injured him
in the process.He was also held in a police van for a while and questioned.

Our get well wishes to comrade Cain and condemnation of police violence

link ... nce-begins





I was attending a March Against the Cuts in Birmingham. I was carrying a rucksack and holding a flag watching what was happening during the “kettling” by police of a small number of protestors of the direct action bloc. . I was outside the “kettling’ area along with a number of other protestors, passers by and photographers. I was NOT informed by the cop BEFORE the incident that I was to be stopped and searched. There was a heavy police presence in the area and police dogs being used against protestors Suddenly a member of the filth started running over to me and shouting aggressively at me….“you…get over here’ in a very intimidating way. Like I was gonna follow his order… At the same time there were police attack dogs all over the place, very close and barking aggressively. One was heading in my direction. So in avoiding being bitten by one of them, I quickly ran to avoid the dog by getting onto the pavement and climbing over a 4 foot high wall to stand on the other side a short distance away. (Errrr logical enough, I think). As I was clambering over the wall, I fell over the other side and the cop at the same time grabbed me by the back and forcefully dragged me back over the wall onto the pavement and the same time, 5 other cops grabbed me and forcefully wrenched me to the ground. I heard (and other witnesses heard this too) the cop in charge shouting to the other cops, “Get into him!”, that is, …get in to me. One of them then stamped onto the side of my head, pinning it to the ground, another stamped on the lower back, another was forcefully twisting my lower right leg, pressure was applied by one officer to my neck (pressure point) and screaming at me to let go of my flag which I was holding on to. The other cops, with great force were trying to wrench the flag from out of my hands, bending and breaking the tubular metal flagpole and ripping the flag in the process, and the jaggard edge of the broken metal of the flag pole caused the deep cut on my left hand index finger and other parts of the hand. I was then roughly placed into a stress position with arms forced around my back, carried off and bundled into the back of a police riot van, where I was searched under section 60, stop and search. I was not arrested, but released shortly after.

The cops used a pretext saying they took action against me because they thought I had run towards the wall because, in their words, “They believed I may have had an offensive weapon that could be used to cause damage to property”. (A pole, with a red flag on it?) But if he, pig number (0473) , had not charged at me along with the rest of the filth and their dogs in the area attacking everyone in sight, I may not have had run to the other side of a brick wall to avoid being shoved into a “kettle” or attacked by one of their dogs.

After been bundled into a riot van, the police asked me for my name and address. I refused as you don’t have to give this to them under section 60 stop and search powers. I was searched by being patted down and rucksack searched. The police videoed me while I was in the riot van. You can refuse this also. They said they did not have a stop and search receipt to give me after being searched but wanted my details in order to get a log number from the police station, saying also that if I wanted a receipt I would have to be taken to the police station to get it. When I contested that, and after a lot of “heavy weather” by the cops in that van, the cop “suddenly found” his receipt book, took it out his pocket and filled it in. I got the receipt without giving any of my details. After that the police medic said I would still have to be taken to the police station under a dispersal order to get me out of the area. Shortly after that the more senior cop came back and told him to release me as “the riot van could not be moved from the area” (his words). I was released from the riot van shortly afterwards.

So there you go, nothing hardly surprising in this…..and it aint gonna get any better under toff tory Cameron and his lib dem puppets, so up the class war…this is only the start…

The protest in itself was uneventful, but lively…and however, we can learn from it. Good on the black bloc on the day, shame it got intercepted by the filth. Its just the start though, I beleive…and its looks like we are in this for the long haul. May the streets become our training ground for future battles.





September 9, 1948 - National Foundation Day of the DPRK.
3 September 2003 - Re-election of Kim Jong Il to the chairmanship of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK
September 22, 1949 - Kim Jong Suk died - heroine of the anti-Japanese struggle, wife of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, mother of Kim Jong Il. (Born December 24, 1917.)

Today, the DPRK (North Korea) celebrates the 62 - anniversary of its foundation by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. The people of the DPRK call their country "Kim Il Sung Korea."
The history of socialist Korea is a story of constant struggle for independence and an independent course of development, for social and economic progress. This is a grand story of creation, which began from zero, from the day of national liberation on August 15, 1945, and reached at this time, the heights of civilization, culture, education, high-capacity in the economy, science and defence deterrence, achieved in extremely difficult conditions of constant confrontation with the aggressive imperialist world led by the United States. The history of the DPRK is a history of building a socialist state relying only on its own strength, which makes a special tribute to the heroic labour of the people of the DPRK and its leaders - Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il. In the DPRK, everything is placed at the service of the peoples’ masses.
A highly developed society in all respects can be created only when the population is of a high-level of education, with a high degree of availability to each person to enjoy the achievements of human civilization. The first question on the agenda of the young newly born country in 1948 became the organization of public education, universal compulsory education, a network of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. As a result of the tremendous work in this direction, the country with a total of 12 people with higher education in August 1945, in a short period of history became a country of universal literacy, where training covers all segments of the population of all ages. Education in the DPRK is provided free: being universal compulsory 11-year, which includes a one-year compulsory pre-school, 4 years of primary and 6-years of secondary education. This system was introduced in 1972. Students of colleges and universities receive a scholarship. Uniforms for school pupils and students are provided free by the state. (And look how much it costs to equip the current first-graders at a school here (in Britain - FB) and in bourgeois Russia, Ukraine and the other now bourgeois republics of the former socialist Soviet Union? And do all the children in those countries have the opportunity to study in school? Education in the former USSR is now gradually becoming fee-paying, not to mention studying at university.) In the DPRK state budget, spending on education is increasing, accounting for a large share of the budget. Education in the DPRK is now coming to the stage of higher education for the entire population.
National cadres, trained by their own strengths, play a leading role in science, economic management and the state ... The DPRK carefully relates to its 5-thousand year old country's history, developing distinctive Korean culture.
A lot of attention is paid by the state and the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) to public health.
Recently, in the sphere of health, a network system of health care based on modern scientific and technological achievements has been established. Computer diagnosis using fiber optics, ensure timely diagnosis of disease and disease prevention by skilled people, even in the most remote areas from the capital of the country.
Housing issues are also always in the spotlight of the Party and State. Everywhere there is construction of new housing and renovation of housing already in use. This concerns not only the capital and cities, but also the counties.
The hailed by the Party slogan of the general offensive on the issue of building a mighty economic power is embodied in the construction of large hydroelectric power stations (for example, Hichhonskaya HES put into operation in just a few months instead of the planned 10 years) in the modernization of production processes based on digital program control in factories and plants, in the introduction into service of new giants of the chemical industry (such as vinalon plant in Hamhung), in applying the new technology of gasification of anthracite in the production of fertilizers at the Namhysk Chemical Association "Youth", in developing new technology for converter smelting of cast iron without the use of coke at the Sonchzhin steel plant. There are many such examples in today's socialist Korea.
It always has been and remains the focus of the Party and the state in providing people with quality food and sturdy household items. Exhibitions of achievements of the national economy for a wide selection and implementation of new high quality products are held. There is continuing large-scale reconstruction of fields in agriculture for the use of mechanical tillage and crop removal, to realize new high-yield varieties of crops. Work widely carried out on the development of fisheries in agricultural cooperatives. The work goes on everywhere with enthusiasm in the wake of a new great revolutionary upsurge in the construction of a powerful socialist nation.
The state ideology of the DPRK is a communist ideology of Juche, the state policy - the policy of Songun. The DPRK is developing intensively.
In recent years, thanks to the development of domestic science in the field of space and nuclear technology, the DPRK launched into space two artificial earth satellites and built a nuclear weapon, becoming a world's nuclear power - a strong deterrent against any machinations of imperialism to wage war on the Korean peninsula, and thus - a third world war .
On appeal in 2009, by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, the whole nation is taking an active part in the general offensive on the country's transition to the level of a powerful and prosperous power in 2012, the year of the 100 anniversary of the birthday of President Kim Il Sung.
Great work all over the country is being carried out directly under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, re-elected to the highest post of the DPRK - Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK – on September 3, 2003. His constant travel around the country, to factories, agricultural cooperatives, to military units are evidence of his direct close contact with people, and make him a popular military leader, firmly and confidently leading his country to the heights of socialist advanced nations who are not afraid of any obstacle. It is hard to imagine the DPRK today without Kim Jong Il. He is the brain of the Party and State, an experienced military strategist and a gifted practitioner in the most severe battle against world imperialism, always winning victory in this confrontation between unequal forces. His work, successes in the development of the country, and its prestige in the international arena speak of the authority and majesty of the Leader. Therefore, the people assigning him the status as - Great - is recognition of his contribution in leading the state and concern for the welfare of the people.
We congratulate Kim Jong Il, on the 62-anniversary of the forming of the DPRK by Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. On this auspicious occasion, we congratulate the leading staff of the Korean revolution and the heroic Korean people.
We also congratulate Kim Jong Il, on the the 7-th anniversary of his re-election to the highest state post in the DPRK - Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.
On September 22, 1949 untimely passed away the wife and close friend of Kim Il Sung, the mother of Kim Jong Il, anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk.
We bow our heads before the memory of her and her heroic life, entirely devoted to her people.

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