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Here is an important article I translated recently, along with other material to be found via the link to this months journal of For Bolshevism in the communist and worker's movement.


In the second half of May 2010, State Duma Deputy Viktor Ilyukhin was approached by way of a confidential oral statement by one of the leading fabricators of the forged "letter by Beria №794/B" concerning this person’s personal involvement in the fabrication of the forged letter. After verification of the information received, V.I. Ilyukhin sent two official letters to the leader of the Communist Party faction in the Duma, G.A. Zyuganov:-

Dear Gennadiy Andreyevich!
I am informing you, as the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) faction in the Duma (Russian lower house of parliament), that on May 25, 2010, I received a call from an unknown person, who asked to meet with me. He said that he can provide information in connection with the investigation into the deaths of the Polish officers in Katyn. This meeting was held on the same day.
The unknown person gave me his name, and in the interests of his security I will not disclose it. He said that he has a direct bearing on the fabrication and forgery of archival documents, including the shooting of Polish prisoners.
From his statements it follows that in the early 1990-s, a group was set up and made up of senior experts on the forging of archival documents relating to important events of the Soviet period. The group worked within the Security Service of the Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Geographically, it was housed in the premises of the former summer residences (dachas) of employees of the Central Committee of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) in the village of Nagorny. The work by the group members was well paid, they received food parcels.
He, in particular, reported that they had fabricated a letter by L. Beria to the Politburo of the CPSU (b) from March 1940, in which he proposes the shooting of over 20 thousand Polish prisoners of war. He also demonstrated the mechanism for the forging of the signatures of Beria and Stalin (I enclose copies of the sheets). I do not rule out that the Polish government had also been given false documents on the so-called Katyn affair.
He said that his group fabricated a letter by Shelepin to Khrushchev on March 3, 1959. Col. Klimov took direct participation in the writing of the text.
According to him, in Nagorny the group was supplied with a necessary order, which could be a text for the document which they had to produce, or a text supplied to them to place into an existing archival document, or produce a text or text-signature of a public official.
According to his information, the group of individuals who worked on the semantic content of the draft texts allegedly included the former head of Rosarkhiv (Russian Archives) Pikhoya and Mikhail Poltoranin, closely linked to the first Russian president. G.Rogozin, First deputy head of Presidential Security was also named.
The group worked in the village of Nagorny until 1996, then it was moved to the locality of Zarechye.
He knows that employees of the 6-th Institute (Molchanov) of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces worked with archival documents in similar fashion.
He claims that, into the Russian archives in this period were placed hundreds of fake historical documents, and a same number of documents that had been falsified by putting distorted information into them, as well as forging signatures. In confirmation of this, the person has submitted a number of forms from the 1940-s, as well as fake impressions of stamps and signatures, etc. He has promised to submit additional materials. At the same time, he stated that he often has a feeling of irony at the public perception of certain archival documents as being valid, although the group of people "had a hand" in their falsification.
Dear Gennady Andreyevich, I think that this story does indeed have an ounce of truth in it. Let me refer to, for example, that Russian scientists, in particular, Doctor of Historical Sciences M. Meltyukhov have already proven “Lenin’s Testament” to be a falsification, along with documents relating to the abdication of Nicholas II along with other similar facts.
The question is more than important. It has to do with the utter discrediting of the importance of Russian archives where these documents are stored, and most importantly with the discrediting of our country's history.
Work on the study of this problem should continue, and we should bring our academic historians into this process.
I believe is still too early to put the issue before the Russian government.
Reported to you for your consideration.
V.I. Ilyukhin
26 May 2010

Dear Gennady Andreyevich!
In addition to my note of May 26, 2010, I hereby announce that I continue to liaise with the person who had declared his involvement in the falsification of archival documents relating to the Soviet period.
They were presented with, as he claims, archive case of Spetsfond (Special fund) № 29 Volume 7 "Correspondence by the NKGB - NKVD with the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) in the period from 02/01/1941 to 05/05/1941, “About Germany’s preparations for war against the USSR” (fund 9). The case is made up of 202 sheets of paper, bound on August 30, 1944. On the cover are the following notes: "Keep archived forever. Not subject to declassification".
In his statement, this archival work got into his hands in connection with his participation in the early 1990-s, in the work of a group of experts on forging historical documents. Access to archival materials for them was free. Many of the documents were brought to the village of Nagorny without any accounting and control over their movement. The receipt of the documents was not recorded and there were no obligations on how they were to be stored.
In the case, the 202 sheets of correspondence with Stalin, the memoranda of the leaders of the NKVD, NKGB of the USSR, Ukraine, border services, as well as some guidance notes really were bound. This volume was removed from the archive, according to the source, with one purpose, to put in it a prepared in the early 90-s memorandum on behalf of the People's Commissar of Defence of the USSR Marshal Timoshenko, the Chief of General Staff of the Red Army, General Zhukov. Architect of the memorandum was Major-General Vasilevsky.
The notes really are on the case sheets with serial numbers 0072-0081, marked "Top Priority", "Top Secret", dated March 11, 1941.
The notes provide an assessment of the political situation in Europe, with proposals to pay special attention to the defence of our (Soviet) western borders. It is noted that on the side of Germany in the war against the Soviet Union may be involved, Finland, Romania, Hungary and other allies of Hitler. A report is given of our military units in the West, with proposals for their reinforcement.
The source stated that in the same order, in the case was included yet another memorandum addressed to Stalin, signed by the same previously-mentioned persons on April 4, 1941 (№ 961), placed in the case under sequence numbers 0109-0115.
The note describes the numerical composition of the German troops deployed near the borders of the USSR. It suggests that Hitler might start a war against the Soviet Union "in the foreseeable future," the time of the start of the war "from the next two months to a year”. At the same time it proposes measures for the deployment of Soviet troops and waging war on enemy territory.
The source explained that these two forged documents (memoranda), to his knowledge, were prepared mainly by military experts of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, most likely, as he understood, to raise the credibility and relevance of the Joint Staff of the Red Army.
I shall give a different viewpoint.
In my opinion, the fakes were made with a view to further discredit Stalin, and it was done in line with that rabid propaganda campaign of slandering the Soviet leadership, which is very cynical and frankly was conducted in the early 90-s, and with sophistication continues today. The falsifiers of historical facts by content of the "memos" tried to instil the fact that Stalin was aware of the situation on the western borders of the USSR and about the actual preparations for an attack, but he simply ignored the opinion of the General Staff. That is why the Red Army and the country as a whole suffered such great losses in the first two years of war.
In support of my version about the possible legalization of false documents, I here inform you that the memo on March 11, 1941 was published in the Collection of Documents "Organs of State Security of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War”, Vol 1, Book Two, pp. 49-54, publisher A/O “Books and Business” Moscow 1995, published by the Academy of Federal Counterintelligence Service (now the FSB) of the Russian Federation
Communication with the source all the more reinforces my belief in the truth of much of his information about the falsification of documents on historical events of great importance, but I think by far, he has not spoken about many other false documents.
I think it is now appropriate to start drafting a formal statement of the Central Committee (Presidium) of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the falsification of archival historical documents.
VI Ilyukhin
28 May 2010
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