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For Bolshevism July 2010

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For Bolshevism - AUCPB
Latest July edition
More material on Katyn, the struggle against capitlaism in Ukraine, Kusbass and Kherson workers struggle..i.e


In connection with recent events in February 2009 at the "Kherson Machine-Building Plant, the former head of the Kherson Regional State Administration B.V. Silenkov and former director of HMZ S.I. "Grisyuk, a business plan was approved to resume production of the enterprise and social protection of its employees. The corresponding memorandum was signed on 20 March 2009. According to the memorandum, production should have been restored in April 2009 and brought to pre-crisis levels by the end of the year.
Mr Silenkov with this, clarified that under the arrangements laid down and reinforced in the memorandum, in April 2009 360 employees will be involved in working at the plant, and by the end of the year their number will be brought to the 1,360 employees. But, despite the signed memorandum, to the owner there was nothing to prevent in June 2009 in laying off 741 employees.
OOO "HMZ" planned last year to manufacture products to the amount of 169.553 mln UAN, including 215 “Slavutich” combine harvesters. But instead of “Slavutich”, 145Belarusian “Polesie”combine harvesters were brought in allegedly assembled at "HMZ".
In one of the newspapers “Grivna", in 2009, former employee of OGA, S. Gorbenko said that 458 workers can produce 458 combines, claiming: one employee - one combine. Why does the current leadership in HMZ with 360 employees found time to assemble since the beginning of 2010 only 2 combines, though, it is estimated by S. Gorbenko, it was to assemble 30 harvesters per month.
On February 9 last year at an extraordinary session of the Regional Council, a draft of the regional program "Grain of Kherson” was reviewed and later adopted. Under this project it was decided to allocate 2 million UAH otwards the purchase of 10 “Slavutich” combines. The money was allocated from the regional budget, but this program was not implemented because Chairman of the Regional Council A.V. Demekhin and the owner of "HMZ" A.A. Oleinik could not agree on the price. Will the program "Grain of Kherson" be accepted in 2010?
Already halfway through March(at the time of writing), and the “Slavutich” combine had not yet been certified. And without the certificate, it can not be sold. On this basis, the owner is not was going produce the combine.
Now a little about the union at the NPO "HMZ".
At the newly created company, a union was set up, where the factory workers were forced to join under threat of dismissal. The work collective of the factory "elected a type", the chairman of the trade union S.P. Rusnak. But in fact he was put forwards by T.N. Pugachev, i.e, the plant manager. After Rusnak was dismissed, in the same way they "elected", i.e. put forward by the plant's management, a new chairman. He became chief of press-forging shop R. Firsov.
Currently the plant is cutting up for scrap all the metal and loading it on railway wagons to sell for scrap. The unique XAFE assembly line has been sawn up and sold for scrap, which still in Soviet times was built for tens of millions of dollars. But with all this going on, the "union" is silent and does not react.
The question is whether or not we need such a union at the plant, which does not protect workers' rights, but rather silently agrees with the position of these pseudo-leaders such as Pugachev and Oleinik.
OUR REPORTER. Kherson, March 2010

PS: 1) In the late 80-s, at the Kherson Combine Plant (now NPO "HMZ") in a year produced 2500 Hersonets-200 corn harvesters, and 4500 "Hersonets-9-s, 6000 PPK-4 consoles for the Niva harvester and 4000 KMD-6 consoles for “Don-1500” combine harvesters for harvesting corn. It also produced sprinklers rigs, installations and pumping stations. The annual volume of marketable products of the enterprise in current prices amounted to more than 5 billion UAN. The factory employed 12,500 people. (According to the article by Anna Butenko "Another hope of the combine harvester builders", "Accents» № 10 (160) 10.03.2010).
2) As regards the trade union, that is a rhetorical question. If the union does not protect and defend the interests of the labour collective and allows management to destroy the factory, the workers must either re-elect a "leader" of trade union, or create their own union that will protect and defend their rights.
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