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Post 02 Apr 2010, 02:46
Is there a Communist Party, or any other suitable working class party (which doesn't embrace Sharia Law) operating in Egypt today? Wiki makes an uninformative reference to the Egyptian Communist Party on their List of Communist Parties page, but there is no other information.

My understanding is the original Comintern CPE dissolved itself into Nasser's regime, but a group by that name was refounded some years later. I can't find any significant reference to them after the late 80's.

I remember the trots here being rather taken with some new movement in Egypt about a year ago (I'm pretty sure I attended a talk by one of their representatives but I don't remember being particuarly impressed at the time and i don't remember the name of the group in question. Anyone have any idea who this may be?

It's a little suprising that in this age of the internet it's still so difficult to get even unimportant information on dissident groups in so many countries.

Anyone know much about the Egypt situation?
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Post 02 Apr 2010, 13:05
The closest thing I can think of was the Egyptian Movement for Change about 6 or 7 years ago but that was more of an electoral movement with a loose coalition of leftists, liberals, and nationalists. It wasn't anything that could be called communist though. It was closer to the Rainbow Coalition in the 70's.

To answer your first question, most communist parties in Egypt went defunct before the fall of Soviet Union. I don't know if any are still in existence. There are quite a few liberal parties though.

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