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What is the principle contradiction in the world today?

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Post 24 Aug 2009, 03:31
The underlying contradiction of capitalism is between the nature of the social production of wealth and the private ( organised as classes)appropriation and distribution of that wealth in favour of the owners of the means of production and capital .

In certain concrete conditions this underlying contradiction may be expressed actively in struggle in different forms.

CPSU general secretary Breshnev used to claim that the main dominant struggle or contradiction in the world today was the struggle between the “Socialist world” and the “Capitalist World“. The Chinese communists had other ideas based on their own analysis. That Breshnevian principle contradiction clearly cannot be the case today. Whatever validity that may have once had, it was clearly resolved in favour of the capitalist world.

So then what is the principal contradiction in the world today that will drive historical development forward?

Concrete class analysis using the Marxist Method is required of the world as it is, otherwise our activities will be driven by dogma and out of date ideologies, without a correct real world analysis and theory “a line” on the principle contradiction in the world today, socialists will be diverted into wrong paths of struggle not reflecting objective reality.

Two views exist in the international movement for socialism on the results of class analysis.

Is it again simply the underlying contradiction of the working class with capital?

Or, the contradiction between the poor and exploited majority proletarian third world and the Imperialist /Globalist “Free Trade” system?

If things were as they appear on the surface their would be no need for scientific investigations or debate.

If you are going to cook a rabbit as an ideal stew, to be real , first you have to catch the rabbit as the practical cooks saying goes.

To have a working class movement for socialism first you have to identify the working class. This is an economic question not an ideological question. Marx identified the worker and therefore the working class under capitalist relations of production as only that worker who delivered up surplus value to capital .
That is actual exploitation , not feelings of oppression by capitalists ,justified or not.
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