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18th Congress of KKE (Communist Party of Greece)

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Post 02 Feb 2009, 12:48 wrote:
The Central Committee of KKE decided that the 18th Congress of the Party will be held on 18-22 of February 2009.

The Congress will discuss the following themes:

* Report of the Central Committee since the 17th Congress and plan of action up to the 19th Congress.
* Conclusions from the socialist construction in the 20th century in Europe
* Election of the new Central Committee and Central Audit Committee

The Central Commitee of KKE

* [06.11.2008] Theses of the CC for the 18th Congress
* [19.11.2008] Theses of the CC for the 18th Congress: Theses on Socialism
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Post 04 Jun 2009, 20:42
I would like to draw attention here to the response of the CC of the KKE to comments and criticism regarding it’s Theses on Socialism:

This new document from the CC of the KKE is very interesting and revolutionaries around the world should look at it closely.
Study Marxism through the concrete analysis of past and contemporary national liberation struggles and class struggles:
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Post 06 Jun 2009, 12:52
Totally agree with coradezero. KKE is one of the leading forces in the international communist movement, with an clear arxist-leninist ideology.

The thesis of the KKE on scoailsi is the most important document on the ideological struggle and sicussion to deend socialism, understanding the concept, study and learn the mistakes maid etc etc. It will enrich our understanding of socialism and thus our ability to defend and fight for socialism-communism.
"For us there is no valid definition of socialism other than the abolition of the exploitation of one human being by another."
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