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Peoples' Republics vs. Soviet Republics

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Post 15 Mar 2013, 16:38
Ismail wrote:

The People's Democracies had their own revolutions. It'd make no sense to impose a Soviet system, especially since it's not quite clear what that even means. What about the Fatherland Front committees in Bulgaria, wherein no government policies could be decided without their consent? What about the national liberation councils in Albania and Yugoslavia which were created during the war and were the basis of the new state power constructed after it?

What are the best sources on the history of the People's Democracies' revolutions? The history of the whole Eastern European bloc is hazy to me.
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Post 31 Mar 2013, 13:40
I don't know of any one-volume work that would qualify as the "best." Every one I've come across is firmly anti-communist.
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Post 03 May 2013, 16:06
Having studied more Red history, its interesting to find the degree to which political leadership in so-called 'Communist States' was often put in the hands of democratic allies rather than directly by the CP. The first Premier of Poland was from the Socialist Party, the Viet Minh was lead by a democratic nationalist, the Greek Civil War was conducted by the democratic army. Sun Yatsen's widow was proclaimed President of the PRC. Or Castro's movement was initially entirely independent of the Cuban Communist Party. Tony Judt, who is anti-commie Liberal, claims that the 1930s Popular Front governments were the 'dry run' for the People's Democracies of 1950s. I think most of the ruling parties of E.Europe were unity parties of Social Democrats and Communists and not 'pure' Communist Parties per se. Even the USSR initally attempted multiparty alliances with Left-Mensheviks and SRs. The 1st People's Democracy was established in the early 1920s in Mongolia under Lenin not Stalin.

The idea of Popular Fronts is where the term "front group" comes from and was part of the McCarthyist hysteria of 'creeping communism' in which the CPUSA would take power through democratic cover rather than direct revolution. And its kind of merged into the hysteria about 'cultural marxism'.

Here is a list of the Popular Front governments that rule E.Europe and the democratic parties that entered into coalition with them ... lar_Fronts
Kamran Heiss
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Post 15 Jun 2013, 04:51
I wouldn't call the positions Sun Yat-sen's wife or whatnot had as "leadership." The leading role of the Communist Party in the Front and in the state organs precluded that. Many of these people got their positions in recognition of their bourgeois-democratic or otherwise progressive activities against reaction.
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