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Post 04 Dec 2009, 02:34
what's the situation in burma at the present? are they still following burmese road to socialism and how successful it was and was it even marxist in nature? what stance should we take towards the democracy league and BCP?

any other information is welcomed, since i dont know much about the situation in the country at the present.

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Post 04 Dec 2009, 02:43
Burma aka Myanmar is just a dictatorship run by elite army officers. They're not socialist it's just propaganda. I haven't ever recall reading of aid from the USSR or China.
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Post 11 Sep 2010, 04:33
Dosent Burma have a socialist economy ?

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Post 11 Sep 2010, 04:55
More like slavery.
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Post 11 Sep 2010, 06:10
Myanmar is no longer following their Road to Socialism, that was abandoned when the current regime rose to power.
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Post 11 Sep 2010, 20:21
Soviet192491 wrote:
I haven't ever recall reading of aid from the USSR or China.

They currently receive aid from China to aid their increasingly private-sectored economy, albeit one of the most regulated in Asia after North Korea. Even though the Burmese Way to Socialism seems to be an abject failure, it at least it kept Burma out of the Cold War problems that plagued South-East Asia.
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Post 16 Dec 2019, 21:24
"Burmese way to socialism" in 1962-1988 was actually the exterior of the ideology that the military regime had raised was. This was just a way of justification for the policy of nationalisation of every business by Ne Win, which meant that he simply stole the inventor (and pass it to his folks in military) and never compensated the rightful owners who happened to be plain folks trying to eke out a living.
However, now nobody scholars agree that Burma's military government really conducted socialism policy in every aspect. They just exploited 'Socialism' to disguise their extreme isolation economy policy which made possible to extend their regimes.

Ne win and the others from the 30 Comrades were more fascinated by the Japanese who were Fascists and Nationalists during WWII, meaning that if the Germans had been around, they would have been licking German boots. And in fact, till to this day the Burmese Armed Forces and their lackeys behave as if they are above the common people.

I would say it was a "Militarized" economy which destroyed the country
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