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Post 07 May 2007, 17:22
What are your thughts on this relic of the Soviet Union?

I read a description on a trip there, where it says it was like going back in time.



For those who dont know Transnistria is an unrecognized country, officialy part of Moldova. In 1990 they declared independece from Moldova, but as part of the USSR... At the fell of the USSR Transnistria were backed by Russia/Soviet in their war for independence.

Today it stays under heavy russian influence. Much like South Ossetia, Abkhazia and others its one of the places where Russia today try to hold on to their grip over the forver USSR. But Transnistria (unlike Russia) keeps functioning much like as if it was an SSR...

Does anyone have any more info or opinions on Transnistria, should it be officially recognized or not?
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Post 07 May 2007, 17:26
I've never even heard of it.
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Post 12 Jul 2007, 17:37
transistria is oficially a part of moldova, but it is a de facto indepented state. anyway. transistria is not a socialist country etc. it has adopted free market economy etc and it's proud of it. the country kept the soviet-era symbols, but they mean nothing, as it is stated in the oficial website of transistria. unlike in other countries soviet-era monuments, statues etc were not removed. that's why transistria is like an open-air museum of the soviet era...

here's the website:
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