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A day when life in Yugoslavia came to a still

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Post 04 May 2007, 21:02
today former states of yugoslavia commemorate the 27th aniversary of the night when our great leader passed away silently in a hospital in ljubljana. although dead, his spirit lives on in the hearts of all young and old, communists and nostalgics, partisans and new warriors and all those who were insured a happy life in yugoslavia and for industrialisation that brought us all prosperity even after the fall of the unified slavic state.

in the memory of Josip Broz Tito,son of Slovene mother Marshall of Yugoslavia, Victor of the Second World War


Jugoslavija je bleda slika
premrzlega partizana
zato je njeno ljudstvo navajeno trpeti
zato je njeno ljudstvo pripravljeno umreti.

-Via Ofenziva

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Post 04 May 2007, 22:05
in the memory of Josip Broz Tito,son of Slovene mother Marshall of Yugoslavia, Victor of the Second World War

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Post 05 May 2007, 06:03
Let's hope that Tito legacy never die, and it will come back some day.

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Post 05 May 2007, 14:01
Tito certainly did well for Yugoslavia, and it's good to hear that most former Yugoslavians view Tito positively.

"History is a set of lies agreed upon."
--Napoleon Bonaparte
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Post 05 May 2007, 14:52
RIP indeed, comrade Tito was a good man, who propelled Yugoslavia as a highly advanced industrial economy without whoring his people & country out. And without succumbing to shameless majoritarian politics.

it's good to hear that most former Yugoslavians view Tito positively.

I have to second that. Look at our society- where you have all sorts of corporate hired "economic experts" claiming our own comrade Nehru's was a flawed leader and his policies are the reason we're in bad shape

You never see garbage like this in Yugoslavia, which is a very positive thing for the future, even if things may not be looking too bright (as far as proletarian interests go) today.
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Post 31 Jul 2007, 14:05
Having just been in Bosnia, I'll third that many former Yugoslavians view Tito positively: there were pictures of him all around Sarajevo.
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Post 19 Aug 2007, 18:20
People in Yugoslavia have very divided views on comrade Tito. Our (Croatian; and I don't doubt for other states as well) media is constantly trying a put a taint on him by "discovering" some "unknown things" about his life. He has recently been accused of killing a milion pepole (approximately 1/10 of the Yugoslav population at that time) and compared to Hitler by a priest. Day later our papers "went further" in this investigation and "learnt" from a respected american "historian" that Tito "killed half milion people before the end of a war and even more later".

Inspired by the media, there is also a taught that Tito was actualy a good president but his only sin was to be a communist. But he was less communistic than other communists, so he can be forgiven.

There is also a large number of people just seeing Tito as a great leader, but have no real knowlege abut socialism and the class struggle. They just worship him like a god, without paing any attention to his ideology and his teachings, wich is inded a bad thing.

Very interesting thing also is that we have a much weaker and less developed socialist movement (and class consciousness), than the one in the western contryes. Perhaps an answer to this is that we still have a relatively young and undeveloped capitalism, and mabe our workers have jet to explolre the realitiy of capitalist economy.
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