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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 27 Mar 2007, 00:43
Post 27 Mar 2007, 21:21
i know that in 2005 Moldova's communist party won the election, and that both the country's Prime Minister and President are members of that party. I Googled, but coulnd't fin any answers, what reforms are they making in that country?>
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 02 Sep 2004, 05:39
Post 22 Aug 2007, 05:01
well, basically the president, Voronin, is basically trying to create better ties with Russia, etc... He wanted to create better ties with the East Bank of the Dniest, but failed. The country itself looks much nicer now that he is in power, and he's done some good.
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Post 22 Aug 2007, 11:03
Its still completly capitalist though and there is no attempt to hide that fact.
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Post 26 Aug 2007, 06:24
The Communist Party in Moldova has actually done a great deal to alleviate poverty and encourage economic growth in Moldova, especially compared with the normal Bourgeois parties. They have been in power since 2001, also winning the 2005 elections. Comrade Vladimir Voronin is realistic, guiding them in a Socialist direction, while gaining support for Socialism amongst all progressive classes for New Democracy.
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