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Cape Verde

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Post 27 Oct 2006, 20:56
Does anyone know if this country was socialist or communist during the 1980's?
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Post 27 Oct 2006, 22:53
Amilcar Cabral was a marxist that in 1959 founded a group called Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde (PAIGC) Cape verde and Guinea-Bissau were united back then.

Amilcar was assasinated in 1973. his brother became the president of Guinea-bissau in 1973 upon gaining independance from protugual. he served this post until 1980 when a coup d'etat deposed him.

Cape Verde gained independance in 1975 from portugual because of the help of the PAIGC. they were speaking of a reunification in 1980 but the coup prevented that.

in Cape Verde a party called PAICV (Partido Africano da Independência da Cabo Verde) a party that was in line with the PAIGC, remained in power until 1991.

So in essence, the answer would be yes. but to what extent, is hard for me to answer.
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Post 03 Jan 2007, 13:21
Alot of countries in Africa were left or left wing (Read Martim Meredith's 50 years of inderpendence) but these socialist states are not the same as in the rest of the world - they say they were, but they took the countries money for themselves and did not enact any policies for equality, infact they even segregated members of different tribes who they had historical grievences with.

However, the President of Tanzinia, Julius Nyreer (SP) was an exception to the rule and was a very good actual socialist leader.

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Post 12 Oct 2007, 17:18
Cape Verde was an portugese colony after the portuguese revolution in april 25th 1974 the 1st constitution was in 1980 made per Cabral (who figth for the cape verdian indepentence in clandestanity) an some other RDA members it was an only party govern but it changed in 1990 to an multy party govern. this is what i learn in scholl.
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Post 01 Dec 2007, 19:01
Same what happened with São Tomé e Principe, Angola and Moçambique. They all had some kind of socialism and Angola got help from Cuba as far as I remembered. But now they are all capitalist.

In Africa there are no socialist states, well Libya calls itself socialist. I never was there, so no idea if they really are socialist.
(It's also very difficult to get acess to Libya unless you are from Malta).
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Post 02 Dec 2007, 07:11
It would take a lot of close up scrutiny of Cape Verde, and given the general situation I seriously doubt they were genuinely communist. More likely a dictatorship that claimed to be communist to have Soviet aid.
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