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Status of Laos

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Post 21 Jun 2005, 10:12
I would like to know more about Laos. I saw yesterday a documentary about a minority (the Mong, I think) that is repressed by the government because it once fought with the French and then with the USA and served in the CIA. They were talking about the "communist government" who did this and that. Is Laos even revionnist? I though there was no more communists (not even revisionnists) for more than a decade at the top of the State.
Could someone help me on this?
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Post 30 Jul 2005, 23:56
Theres plenty of information on Wikipedia about Laos. Looks like the government is still Communist but revisionist, similar to Vietnam.
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Post 28 Aug 2005, 19:22
There are a lot of lies to discredit Lao Socialism. You are probably talking about the Hmong, who after the victory of Marxism-Leninism in 1975 began terrorist activities including the bombings of medical centres and schools. Recently many of them have layed down their arms, but most are very suspicious of the group as a whole. The economy has actually taken off in the past two decades thanks to the NEM, though the country is still quite poor, the people are very proud of their Socialist motherland. Agriculture is still a big factor of society and is a major factor of the Sixth Five-Year Plan and the goal by 2020 is to have completely transformed out of a subsistence economy.
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