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Straight Talk on the Trial of Pol Pot

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Post 30 Mar 2005, 23:18

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Post 26 Feb 2007, 22:44
As revolutionary forces made progress in Indochina, U.S. forces invaded in 1965.

I'm sorry but emptying out cities and destroying currency isin't "progress" comrade. One of the FIRST things the K-R did was to dynamite the central bank of Kampuchea. I don't see how the desolation of urban infrastructure and, for crying out loud, the national currency- could spell "improvement."

The Vietnamese suffered US aggression too, but they were able to come out of it.

I'm not denying that Angka had a very tough task. He did. But so did Ho Chi Minh. Except that the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot worsened the already decrepit situation in Cambodia by initiating a series of ill planned, overly idealistic projects that were shuved up peoples' throats without their consent.

Put it simply, emptying out your cities, destroying currency and any traces of modern economics isin't the way to surge ahead.

In addition, the huge refugee encampments around Phnom Penh had only days worth of food stocks. Eight thousand people there had already starved to death in the month before liberation. Hospitals were terribly overcrowded, and over half the country's doctors had left for exile. This objective situation has to be taken into account in evaluating the decision to evacuate Phnom Penh.

So, how does evacuating your urban infrastructure help??? People should be put thru as less stress as possible. And quite frankly- you can't expect a banker or a professor to pick up a plow and start farming. And what good did setting dynamite to the Central Bank of Kampuchea do?

Hell, I WANT to do farming. I've been trying for 3 years and still, it's a learning experience and I'm FAR...F A R from becoming a "farmer." I'm talking about a simple terrace garden here...

As a unified command was consolidated, the Angkar/CPK attempted to quickly abolish all money, wages systems, marketplaces, religion, and private ownership of land and productive forces.


Pol Pot kicked the U.S. imperialists out of Cambodia. And that's why they hate him. By vilifying Pol Pot, the U.S. is pressing ahead with their attempts to slam the door on all dreams of social change--to declare that communist revolution and even national independence for oppressed countries must be rejected and denounced

Didn't the US support Pol Pot during his campaign against Hun Sen? As you rightly noted, Pol Pot was pro revitionist PRC and during the final years of Pol Pot's rule, there was also a US/ PRC and a Sino-Soviet rift thaw going on.

Again I'm NOT SURE of this but I did read on more than a single paper (including Indian) that the CIA logistically supported Pol Pot against Hun Sen. But again, I'm not sure on this.

Either ways. How do you justify...

Comrade Duch...?
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Post 27 Feb 2007, 01:50
thekarlmarx wrote:

Best post in this thread.

"Bleh, i don't even know what i'm arguing for. What a stupid rant. Disregard what i wrote." - Loz
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