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GoPro City Tour Of Pyongyang

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Post 22 May 2014, 00:01
So here is the newly (in)famous footage. 22 minutes of what looks to be the cleanest and most boring city in the world. It's the GoPro camera footage of Pyongyang.

Telegraph wrote:
Aram Pan, a 37-year-old Singaporean who is a regular visitor to North Korea, was granted special permission by the DPRK government to film footage of himself driving through the streets of Pyongyang wearing a GoPro Hero 3 video camera.
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Post 22 May 2014, 03:43
I'm not sure I understand why the camera brand is so important, but as far as the footage goes I liked not having billboards and advertising everywhere. That sort of stuff doesn't make urban areas more attractve even if it is a little more colourful.

The comments have been disabled on the video now and I was looking forward to having a laugh at them.
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