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Video: Report back from Democratic Korea

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Post 16 Nov 2010, 03:19 ... tic-korea/
ProletarianCPGBML | November 11, 2010

A lot of people have a lot to say about "North Korea". Bush labeled it part of the axis of evil. But we know what bush stands for, right?

So how do we untangle the reality of a country that has fought for its independence and won; surviving, like a little Sparta, in the face of the overwhelming hostility of Japanese and US imperial marauders for almost a century of struggle?

Well, the CPGB-ML sent a delegation of British workers to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. This is a report back following that visit in September 2010, that reveals the truth about life on the ground in the DPRK.

Don't believe the hype - find out for yourself: visit!
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