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Was the evidence in the Cheonan investigation photoshopped?

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Post 30 Oct 2010, 12:35 ... k-cheonan/

Striking new evidence shows that the Joint Investigation Report on the Sinking of the ROK Cheonan, the 300+ page final report by the Joint Investigation Group, has been tampered with and in fact a key picture of the evidence was actually photoshopped by the Joint Investigation Group to fit a drawing of the CHT-O2D torpedo.

Yesterday we reported that the official comparison photo had an odd numerical value assigned to a certain part of the motor which made a section labeled as 33.3cm much shorter than a section labeled as 27cm.

Today I figured out why…

When running a drafting program like Autocad (I have 6 years experience mechanical and architectural drafting with Autocad) you can insert a photo into the working space of the drawing and then pull dimensions off of it. If you stretch the photo afterward, the dimension points will move as well because they are locked to certain points on the photo itself. So, if you shrink the photo, the dimension itself will also shrink unless you have your system set to “lock” the values of the dimensions after you pull them.

In that case, the value would remain the same as the original dimension no matter how much you shrank the photo and that would explain why the official comparison photo in the JIG final report claims that 27cm is larger than 33.3cm. The values of the dimension were “locked” when the photo was brought in BEFORE they photoshopped it to “fit” the drawing.

To prove my point I am going to simply use images from two official sources… 1. the official video of the recovery of the torpedo evidence and 2. the Joint Investigation Report on the Sinking of the ROK Cheonan pdf (image, “Summary – 3′, on page 31…). All aspect ratios remain as presented by the official source. ... ence-1.jpg ... nce-31.jpg

This is absolute proof of the Joint Investigation Group’s tampering with evidence and it should be presented before the United Nations Security Council along with all the other valuable evidence being compiled as we speak that proves the JIG report’s fraudulent nature.

Since the very beginning of this process, the JIG has been fabricating ways to try to make this “evidence” they found fit the conclusion they wanted.

This is just another example of the fraudulent nature of the entire JIG report and its overall findings. The results of any investigation marred with such repeated deceit can not and should not be allowed to go unchallenged on any level, much less an international condemnation which has resulted in the dangerous escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula.

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