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"Let Us Advance Under the Banner of Marxist-Lenism"

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Post 29 Aug 2010, 13:47
A classic work by Kim Jong Il, On the Occasion of the 165th Birthday of Karl Marx and the Centenary of His Death. ... ARXISM.pdf

Some quotes:
Marx،¯s career was that of a prominent thinker and
theoretician, a great revolutionary. It was he who ushered in
the epoch of the international communist movement and
made a radical change in the struggle for the freedom and
liberation of the working class and popular masses.
Progressive mankind will remember for ever his brilliant
career and great services to the sacred revolutionary cause
for the working class and other working people.
Marx،¯s greatest contribution to mankind lies in the fact
that he advanced Marxism which provided the working
class with a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon of
liberation struggle.

If Marx, the first leader of the working class, had not founded
Marxism for the international working class, they would
have groped in darkness, not knowing their historic
mission, nor could they have triumphed in their
revolutionary struggles. If Lenin had not advanced
Leninism, the theory, strategy and tactics of proletarian
revolution in the age of imperialism, and aroused the
Russian working class to struggle, the first socialist state in
the world could never have appeared.

The Juche-oriented stand and principles clarified by the
great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung conform with the
principles of the communist movement and Marxism-Leninism.
The communist movement is a struggle for Chajusong, to
free the people from all forms of subordination and
restriction; it is a movement waged by the communists and
people independently in accordance with their own
conviction. Adhering to the standpoint of Juche in the
revolution and construction fully agrees with this essential
character of the communist movement. Now that the
struggle for communism is waged with each national state
as a unit, the adherence to the Juche-based stand is more
urgently demanded. If the communists successfully carry
out the revolution in their country from the standpoint of
Juche, they will be able to better contribute to the
strengthening of the international revolutionary forces and
to the promotion of the victory of world revolution.

In order to build a communist society, we must secure the
ideological fortress as well. That is to say, every member of
society should be revolutionized, working-classized and
intellectualized to be a harmoniously developed communist
man. People are the masters of society. So, only when they
are educated into comprehensively developed communist
men, can they successfully build socialism and communism
and run the communist society properly.
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