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Severe flooding at the Yalu / Amnok river.

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Post 26 Aug 2010, 19:14
A week ago a significant part of the Yalu / Amnok river has been flooding the fields, and causing many people to be evacuated, and some people drowned.

See for example: here

The floodings are caused by heavy rains. The river level was near to the maximum level ever reached since recorded. Pyongyang has sent an army of around 5000 people to the inundated area (near the border city with China) to help recovery from the flooding.

Also it is known that many parts of the country flood almost each year, causing severe loss of agricultural land, and therby causing food shortages, and also loss of lives and houses/buildings.

Deforestation (people use the wood for heating and for use for growing crops) is part of the problem, and is a vicious circle as this makes the flooding even worse.

What could/should China and DPRK do for preventing flooding?
1. Stimulate to plant more trees on hills sides that capture the water.
2. Built more dikes and mounds that are safe for the highest water levels.
3. Built several barrieres in rivers that cause flooding that can store the amount of water that can be expected (based on worst scenario case), and release the water (possible also using the water stream for generating electricity) to safe the lower portions of the country from flooding, and also providing a storage of water for the dry season.

Something should be done to prevent the country from flooding each year, right?
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