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"Modern Bulgaria" by Sofia Press.

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Post 25 Feb 2010, 20:59
Whilst on holiday in sunny Mid Wales I chanced upon a lovely old style second hand book shop, and I chanced on quite a find (to me) a book called "Modern Bulgaria: Society, History, Culture" by Sofia Press.

It's in very good condition and is complete with the little pull out map, dust jacket and on the first page it is hand written: "To Mrs. Kay Deullea. In memory of the Soviet-British evening of friendship organised by the cultural information centre in Golden Sands - Bulgaria. 15th of September '87. Organiser: Mranka Yaneva."

I'm quite chuffed to say the least.
Sure old people have died in their droves from the bitter cold of the warmest january on record, and they practically rot in their hospital beds and our prime minister is incapacitated in office..

But God damn it Britain is getting the job DONE.
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