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Crossing the River: a book about GDR

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 13 Jul 2007, 05:18
Post 14 Jul 2007, 09:46
Has anyone else read Crossing the River: A Memoir of the American Left, the Cold War, and Life in East Germany by Victor Grossman? I read it a couple of years ago. It is quite a good book.

To be brief, it is about a Communist Party USA member who was in the US military and stationed in Europe after the war. He would eventually defect to the GDR to escape the McCarthyist repression of the 1950s. The book discusses, among other things, his many experiences living there.

In addition, the author is still alive and still lives in Germany. After the destruction of the GDR he finally got around to joining the Party there, which by then had been renamed "Party of Democracy and Socialism" (now called "The Left"). He also visited the USA a while back, and occasionally there is news from him printed in the Peoples Weekly World (the newspaper of CPUSA).

I recommend reading this book.
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