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Martial Law - December 13th 1981 to 22 July 1983

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Old Bolshevik
Post 29 Dec 2004, 22:58
Freiheits Kampfer wrote:
What's it doing in a Communist country??

Lose the caps, loose the excess exclamation marks and question marks, go back to my post about State Capitalism, and you will understand what I mean. Oh and also, please, always take 10 deep breaths, and think very definitely on what you say, before you ever post.

Fitzy wrote:
Yes, because I am poisoning them. They are my children.
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Post 29 Dec 2004, 23:37
I'll give him one of those cardboard paper bags to breath in.
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Post 04 Jan 2005, 01:30
You know it's funny but I was in Poland during Martial Law, and saw nothing like this anywhere in Szczecin where I was living with my parents. I know that Kormy is a Nazi sympathiser and propagandist as can be seen by his signature and he clearly has no real idea of Polish history.

The facts are that the CIA tried to launch a coup with their puppet Solidarnosc movement. They had a lot less support than the West liked to pretend, after all my father worked in the shipyards at Szczecin, which were bigger and more profitable than the Gdansk ones and they didn't strike at all. In fact, after Solidarity was legalised, the workers in Gdansk just got more and more money from the state and did less and less work. To subsidise the peace of these reactionaries, shipyards in other Polish cities were closed down!

As for how much the people 'supported' Solidarnosc, well it says a lot that after the first elections in 1989 where they promised everything and through intimidation and lies they got most of the vote, well just a couple of elections later they didn't even get the 5% minimum necessary to have even one candidate!

The people by then realised and regretted that they had been fooled by Walesa and more and more poles are acknowledging that Walesa and his party were a CIA fifth-column.
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Post 20 Sep 2010, 05:35
Most of SE members probably do not like Walesa too much, right.

But what about the social conditions of the 1980s Poland as an explanation of increasing incomformity within the system? Even if Solidanorsc was full-paid by the CIA, it grew up quickly in a country where the living conditions were plumetting.
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