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Bo Xilai dismissed

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Post 15 Mar 2012, 06:47
Described as "charismatic, but controversial" by Western media, Chongqing district leader Bo Xilai, who "tried to revive Revolutionary ideals," was replaced by Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang, who is viewed as a conservative.

Al-Jazeera story

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Post 17 Mar 2012, 08:28
He reminded people too much of cult of personality and the cultural revolution.
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Post 17 Mar 2012, 13:20
and a guy who spent half his life in north korea doesn't? weird chinese...
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Post 17 Mar 2012, 23:05
His father was extremely prominent, he was personally influential, started this Red Culture movement, and attempted to reinvigorate Maoism.

The other guy is just another faceless technocrat.
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Post 18 Mar 2012, 12:50
Beware the ides of March? Anyway, some more info: ... icism.html ... 64936.html ... le2371384/

Judging by the second link, it is not immediately the end of the world for Bo's political line, but it is pretty big. Sure, a modern-day Chinese CP politician who leads anti-corruption drives and plays a lot of red songs is not automatically the same thing as an actual revolutionary who can roll back capitalist restoration. It is action and its class content that counts, not the amount of red songs that you play.

It still is a pretty obvious purge by the most liberal-minded capitalist-roaders, though, and it serves the purposes of both political and economical "reformers", and we all know where that leads. Ever since the Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen, they have been quite preoccupied with maintaining stability, guiding capitalist restoration with a firm hand rather than shock treatment. They know from history how volatile things can get, and maintaining the balance of power takes priority normally.

Sacking Bo seems to me to be a rare break in the balance of power that apparently the "reformers" considered both affordable and necessary simply to clip the wings of the left wing a bit. I also read that the authorities are cracking down on left social media. It's no surprise that Wen Jiabao warned against the threat of a new Cultural Revolution if more reforms are not made. See also:
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Post 29 Mar 2012, 23:28
I think it's important people don't think Bo tried to actually bring about a return to Maoism. His policies weren't "Maoist", he simply employed populist Maoist nostalgia.
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