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Need Detailed Info about Collectivization in USSR

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Post 11 Nov 2019, 05:44
Hello Comrades! Could you recommend me good books, articles or any kind of texts about the collectivization process in the USSR (1928-1936)? I have read many biographies about Stalin, but they do not cover the collectivization process in detail. I want something more... well, detailed! I have many doubts: How many peasant rebellions were there? The Kulaks were the only ones who killed their livestock, or this was done by all farmers in general? Did this produce the infamous famine of Ukraine? How did the Soviet Government managed to overcome the chaos of the whole process to eventually triumph and consolidate collective farming?
Note: By "good books" i mean the most objective books you know about this topic. That is, NOT Robert Conquest XD.
I already checked the library section in this forum, but there was no much info in this topic, which is why i'm now asking here.
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