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Far-East Development

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Post 10 Sep 2012, 05:45
Since the Russian state is bulging development in the Far-East, I want to ask how this compares to the 2nd 5 year plan, which spent five times more than the 1st 5 year plan on the far-east.

Can anyone give me a nice comparison that's relative to the capabilities of each state at the time?
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Post 10 Sep 2012, 11:02
Putin is building some great bridge and complexes because there's going to be some economical summit in Vladivostok soon. Sochi too has seen a lot of development because of the Winter Games.
Of course this is just for the show as the Russian East is not being systematically developed. They take oil and gas and minerals but there is little real progress.
One Eastern province is a personal realm of one oligarch, can't remember which one, but i remeber that he shut off electricity and heating ( and of course the winters there are horrible ) to those who couldn't pay for it, all that in such a resource-rich place. One WW2 veteran froze in his home and they had to use iron bars to remove his body from the frozen floor.
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Post 10 Sep 2012, 18:53
I agree with Loz' assessment. Most development in the Far East is consists of showcase projects. Otherwise the only use the present regime in Russia has for the region is mineral extraction, including among other things strip-mining of some of the richest forests in the world. It is no wonder that millions of Chinese are already pouring in and setting up commercial and farming operations. They work hard, don't drink, and many Russian women have already begun intermarrying them. Any state that cannot populate and control its vital border territories is destined to lose them. In Soviet days development of the Far East was based in part on location of resource extraction points, but the strategic consideration of territorial control was also a factor, resulting in the constructions of many 'outpost' towns and even cities. When the USSR collapsed and a very large portion of industrial, agricultural and commercial activity stopped, many of these outposts were just abandoned outright. There are literally dozens if not hundreds out completely abandoned towns in Siberia and the Far East as a result.

Loz, I think you're thinking of Abramovich, probably the most famous Russian oligarch. He was governor of Chukotka when this kind of thing was happening. On the other hand it is fact to say that this has happened on numerous other occasions in many other places...
"The thing about capitalism is that it sounds awful on paper and is horrendous in practice. Communism sounds wonderful on paper and when it was put into practice it was done pretty well for what they had to work with." -MiG
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