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Which Soviet Republic had to give away Nuclear Material?

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Post 01 Dec 2010, 21:29
Just recently my local news has announced
A former Soviet republic is giving away their Nuclear bomb making material by 2012
I was just wondering what Soviet republic if giving it up? I know its defenitly not Russia , maybe Georgia or something , someone please reply
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Post 03 Dec 2010, 06:37
Can anyone have it? I wouldn't mind some of that.
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Post 03 Dec 2010, 06:46
It appears to be Belarus.

My guess is they've cut a deal with Mattel to supply endless nuclear energy to Barbie microwaves the world over.
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Post 03 Dec 2010, 07:34
(Hillary) Clinton cited Belarus as among countries across the globe where a "steel vise" of suppression is "slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit."
It sounds to me like they should probably be hanging on to this stuff if this is the way they are regarded. They're only going to make it easier for their enemies than it already is - unless they're in the middle of some Gorbachev style paroxysm of thinking the West only wants to make friends. Surely they're aware enough of what happened to the rest of their neighbourhood.
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Post 03 Dec 2010, 07:47
Don't worry comrade Shigalyov. As long as Lukashenko is president, Belarus will never have a Gorbachev-like attitude toward the West. Whatever gestures he makes toward the West are part of the game of geopolitics, and rest assured that Batka is at heart pro-Russian forever (pro-Russian in the sense that Belarusians and Russians are one people, united by history and blood, not in the sense that he appreciates the present government of Russia, which he certainly does not). Playing for European support is part of his attempt to retain power in the face of the Russian leadership's hostility, which has been growing to absurd extremes in the last months.
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Post 04 Jul 2012, 23:21
As far as I know, Ukraine gave all the nuclear material it got from several USSR facilities on it's territory to Russia for disposal in 1994-1995.
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Post 15 Jul 2012, 06:38
Amusing how Lukashenko is the great dictator for providing for his citizens, and Sashkavilla is the defender of democracy when bombing Ossetians.
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Post 02 Oct 2012, 20:55
Ukraine had a greate amount of nuclear weapons in 1991. But we declined to be the nuclear state, so we destroyed all rockets and bombs.
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