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rare picture of Lenin and Stalin

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Post 28 Apr 2016, 23:47
Fork it over. It is essentially impossible to go through life without reading something unfavorable on Stalin.

Also, "non-biased" does not exist. Favorable is a bias. Unfavorable is a bias. Which side they take depends on the data they're looking at and their priorities.
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Post 05 Mar 2018, 18:27
lev wrote:
Nobody else is more evil than Hitler. Hitler massacred the Jews and perceived enemies. Stalin's socialist in one country, killed only his enemies and perceived enemies. If you are a little swayed by anti-Stalin exposes here, just think of a CIA assassin who killed his victims or Israel who dragged children as collateral damage. I'd say nobody is sinless here or any among persons involved. You do not have to repent. "Religion will not save us. Our conscience will"- Bible.

I disagree. Hitler is only regarded as the most evil man in history due to numbers. Yes, he WAS evil. But what about Asherbanipal II, who, when a city rebelled against the Assyrian Empire, laid siege to it, and upon its surrender, took all the women and girls as sex slaves, and took all the men and boys and FLAYED THEM ALIVE, and hung their skins from the city walls? He then invited the leading men of the Empire (the equivalent of Governors, Mayors, and the like), to come and view the sight, and then asked if anybody else wanted to rebel. The remainder of his reign was all too quiet on the domestic front.

Or the Byzantine Emperor who, upon taking a huge number of prisoners in a battle with the Bulgarians, grouped the prisoners into batches of 100 per group. He put out the eyes of 99 per 100, and ONE eye of the 100th. Then he ordered the men with one eye to lead the others, in their groups of 100, back to Sofia, and upon meeting Czar Stephen of Bulgaria, to inform him that the next time the Emperor had to deal with Stephen, it would go much worse for him and his people. Stephen actually never got the warning. Upon seeing his men returned to him like this, he promptly had a heart attack and dropped dead on the spot.

I could name many other examples throughout the cavalcade of human history of even worse examples than these men, or Hitler. Bringing up Hitler, and lightly tossing out his name as "the most evil man in history", is an utter copout. How about Pol Pot, who managed to wipe out between a third and a half of Cambodia's population in 4 years, and give Marxism a bad name that it never deserved? Even the battle-hardened Vietnamese were nearly sick to the point of vomiting when they invaded, after much provocation, in 1979 and overthrew the Khmer Rouge.

There is a reason Godwin's Law exists. In the course of an argument or debate, he who compares his interlocutor to the Nazis automatically loses the argument. Partly, that is because the Nazis WERE evil. But partly, it is because they are called "the most evil", as ridiculous as that is, and then someone gets compared to that.
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Post 18 Jun 2018, 00:14
Thanks, VU lenin
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