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Ludwik's book

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 23 May 2010, 21:43
New Comrade (Say hi & be nice to me!)
Post 24 May 2010, 15:48
Stalin used to be my idol. But this was many decades ago, as described in my 2010 book. Anyone can now read it ONLINE. And it is FREE.

The URL is

2) Please share this URL with all who might be interested. Thank you in advance.

The title is: “Diary of a Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality.”

This 2010 book is my autobiography. It is based on a diary I kept between 1946 and 2004 (in the USSR, Poland, France and the USA).

3) Comments, as always, will be appreciated. I expect my book to be readable by all browsers and under all operating systems. (Please send me a private message immediately if the content is not clearly displayed on your computer screen.)

Ludwik Kowalski
Professor Emeritus
Montclair State University
See "Diary of a Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality." This FREE autobiography is based on my diary kept between 1946 and 2004 (in the USSR, Poland, France and the USA). The link is
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 12 May 2010, 07:43
Ideology: Other Leftist
Post 24 May 2010, 18:39
May they never live under proletarian dictatorship.


Let me guess, another former communist who went over to the right, because you associate everything bad that happened in socialist states with the ideals of socialism and communism themselves? Sorry, but that's just stupid.

Also, please take your spam elsewhere. Thanks.
“Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals” - Mark Twain
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 08 Nov 2007, 06:31
Post 24 May 2010, 19:39
Bourgeois advertising on a socialist forum? Blasphemy!

Why would you post something like this anyway.
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