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Enver Hoxha

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Post 25 Jan 2010, 14:25
lol, internationalist. he volenteraly isolated his country more than international community isolated DPRK.

they had very good ice cream industry and that was it. i dont know what other exports they have besides ice cream and terrorists.

Jugoslavija je bleda slika
premrzlega partizana
zato je njeno ljudstvo navajeno trpeti
zato je njeno ljudstvo pripravljeno umreti.

-Via Ofenziva

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Post 26 Jan 2010, 19:18
TheCuriousHoxhaist this could deceive an uneducated or a lazy person,but i will try to give you a chance to explain this pile of..."informations"'ve stated here.

Hoxha defeated Mussolini’s fascist forces and lead the Albanian liberation movement to victory against occupation and colonialism.

Lol.Albania was conquered my Mussolini's Italy in 1939.From '40 till '43 there was a small-scale partisan uprising by communists and "nationalists".They did throw the Germans out in '44(though they were retreating north anyway).Even this antifa guerilla wasn't a communist-only one.
Hoxha led the world’s longest-lasting and most advanced socialist state for almost 40 years

Most advanced? Longest-lasting? It was even more backwards than China!
His economic revolution was even more advanced than Stalin’s, with even more working class control over production centers.

Yeah,Albania was an advanced industrial state.LOL.They didn't have almost any industry,not to mention infrastructure,telephones,etc...
Hoxha condemned the genocidal acts in Kosova by Tito

What bloody genocidal acts? Kosovo became an autonomous province,with almost republic-like rights.
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Post 30 Jan 2010, 06:24
TheCuriousHoxhaist wrote:
* Hoxha led the world’s longest-lasting and most advanced socialist state for almost 40 years.

What was the USSR? Tea Time?
EDIT: What is Cuba?
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