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Would takin Russian in college bar Americans fr Donbass?


Would takin Russian in college bar Americans fr Donbass?

Probably, in combination with expressed affiliation online.
No votes
Possibly, even with expressed affiliation online.
It would have no effect.
No, but asking this question did!
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Post 02 May 2015, 00:24
My question is if taking Russian language classes in a state school in the United States would so overtly alert the domestic security services that attempted flight to Rostov-na-Donu would be blocked.
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Post 13 May 2015, 11:33
People in Russia don't really know English to begin with, so, unless you have a guide, anyone traveling to the country would have to learn Russian in some capacity. Our government probably realizes this, so they won't be very suspicious.

I also wouldn't take a class - some professors are really crappy and it is frankly just a waste of money (based on my own experiences learning languages in college). Torrent Rosetta Stone. That's how I learned the language.

You'll also need a Visa to transit through Russian territory, and they are very expensive because the Russians hate us (my visa went for $200 + $100 for out-of-state delivery service - although I got a 3 year tourist visa). A train ride from Moscow to Rostov will probably cost around $30-50, and plane tickets to Moscow are usually cheaper than plane tickets to Rostov.

And if you decide to actually go there, just don't post any pictures of yourself in social media or anything else. If you do, you might end up like our poor Spanish comrades who got arrested a while back after they returned home. Still, I read there are a lot of Europeans there, including hundreds of German commies, and they stay anonymous by making sure that photos of them don't circulate. I would be prepared to give up your future life in America if you decide to go there, but I can promise you that the culture there is 100 times better than the shit we have here.
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Post 18 May 2015, 21:12
There is one Texan redneck fighting in Donbass, and probably some other Americans as well.
Most leftist adventurists nowadays, as far as i know, go to Rojava actually. Because all that PKK jazz has something to do with leftism i guess and there's lots of action there. Donbass is a frozen conflict a la Transnistria, most likely that nothing major will happen there in the future.
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Post 17 Jun 2015, 16:29
There are very few native English speakers but there are quite a few international units so I don't think there would be much of a problem speaking just English.
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Post 28 Jun 2015, 12:55
No, but you could always try discussing your travel plans on a public internet forum called Soviet Empire if you really want to alert as many people as possible.

Seriously though, just stay in America and struggle in your own workplace or whatever your daily situation is. The bravery and internationalism of the foreign fighters is admirable, but as an individualist action, it doesn't help anyone.
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