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Opinions on Josip Broz Tito and Titoism


Opinions on Titosim

Tito was a good leader and Titoism was a good system.
Tito was a poor leader but Titoism was a good system.
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Tito was a good leader but Titosim was a poor system.
Tito was a bad leader and Titoism was a poor system.
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Post 16 Jul 2012, 22:22
What are you even trying to say? Let's break down your argument.

1. There were "great inequalities" in the SFRY because its GINI coefficient was worse than Western Europe and the Soviet block.
2. Oh, its GINI coefficient wasn't actually worse than Western Europe and the USSR? Well, it was worse than a few hand-picked small agricultural Warsaw pact states.
3. But lest we use the USSR's poor GINI coefficient (especially under Stalin) in order to critique it, GINI coefficients actually don't mean anything.

Now, what are you trying to argue with your last quote? You have two choices:
1. The quality of life in the SFRY was much worse than other socialist and Western states based on its lower rating according to the UN's Human Development Indicators.
2. This measure of analysis does not give a complete picture of the quality of life in these states.
**If you choose #1, you also must argue that, while Yugoslavia was 5 rankings below the USSR, the USSR was 7 rankings below the USA, and Albania (at 70) was 30 rankings below Yugoslavia.

You can't use statistical measures such as these to prove points unless you are willing to accept all the ramifications.
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Post 16 Jul 2012, 22:41
What are you even trying to say? Let's break down your argument.

I'm not trying to say anything, just posting statistics.
Of course i made a mistake in trying to use some obscure coefficients as an "argument" in the first place, so it would be better to disregard all that.

There are more relevant sources, such as this article by the CPC: ... slavia.htm
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