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What do you think of Valery Sablin?


Do you support Sablin's rebellion?

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Post 24 Aug 2011, 01:26
What do you think of Valery Sablin and his rebellion?

Valery was a Soviet Naval officer who,in 1975,started a mutiny against the ruling authorities in hopes of starting a genuine Leninist revolution in the Soviet Union and reverting the country back to the right path.
He was soon arrested and shot for treason.

From Wikipedia:
On 7 November 1975, Captain 3rd Rank Valery Sablin seized the Storozhevoy, a Soviet Burevestnik Class missile frigate, and confined the ship's captain and other officers to the wardroom. Sablin's plan was to take the ship from the Gulf of Riga north into the Gulf of Finland and to Leningrad, through the Neva River, moor by the decommissioned cruiser Aurora, a symbol of the Russian revolution, from where he would, by radio and television, protest against the rampant corruption of the Brezhnev era. In that address, he was going to say what many were saying privately: the revolution and motherland were in danger; the ruling authorities were up to their necks in corruption, demagoguery, graft, and lies, leading the country into an abyss; the lofty ideals of democracy had been discarded, and there was a pressing need to revive the Leninist principles of justice (Sablin was a strong believer in Leninist values and considered the Soviet system to essentially have "sold out").

An article about Sablin and his undertaking:
A Leninist Hero of our Times ... er900.html
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Post 24 Aug 2011, 03:03
Other, I believe that his cause was right, but his methods were wrong. I believe that his fight against revisionism was a worthy fight, but I don't believe that he should have rebelled like that. At the end, Sablin failed and the rest is history.
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Post 24 Aug 2011, 04:00
Ditto Misuzu, but I voted "no". "One man army" gestures never change anything. He should have joined the Party and worked from within, instead of embarrassing his country and earning himself a bullet.
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Post 24 Aug 2011, 15:19
Support. The idea that he could spend a decade working himself upwards in the system and then finally get to the central committee and say "pretty please could you all stop being corrupt and give up your authority to the vote? Thanks." is preposterous. He did the only thing he could do in a country deprived entirely of real democracy. It's a damn shame that he failed, and I applaud him for having the courage to do what nobody else could.
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