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Should dead people be recycled?


Should we recycle corpses?

Total votes : 38
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Post 08 Nov 2011, 21:28
I have to agree with an opt-out system. A lot of people just don't care, and others would want to be a donor but just never get around to doing it. People need those organs to live.
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Post 12 Nov 2011, 02:59
I voted no.
I doubt any of you would shove our dear comrade Lenin into this meat grinder? No?

A solution to the space issue is the elimination of complete burial. Cremation!
Let people have their ashes scattered respectfully, it will also benefit the plants. If they really mattered, like a lenin, put their ashes in a small tomb.
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Post 12 Nov 2011, 03:39
Aeroflot wrote:
I doubt any of you would shove our dear comrade Lenin into this meat grinder? No?

Yeah. Also this never was about a space issue.
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Post 12 Nov 2011, 18:14
Please explain this metaphorical meat grinder, something here is lost on me.
He's probably half formeldahyde and plastic, so it would probably be out of the question now to use any part of him for anything other than a means of luring gawping necrophiles to Moscow. And if any of his organs were still viable, which I can conclusively say that they aren't, the defective organ from the patient would be sent for incineration after the operation has been carried out - as is due process when dealing with medical waste.

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Post 27 Nov 2011, 08:59
To a decent extent this is already done in many places. Consent is asked from the family (they normally grant it) if they have one. The problem is not as much a low rate of organ donation amid the deceased, as of there not being enough donors to begin with, and most of the organs not being suitable for transplant
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Post 01 Dec 2011, 04:26
I am okay with donating my organs but I don't like how someone will be cutting my body open and taking things out. Honestly this is a strange topic for me. I guess I haven't fully grasped death yet. I mean I understand how it works (I have had family and pets die) but I can't imagine myself dying.
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