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Post 10 Jul 2004, 18:19
This forum is a place for new members to introduce themselves and tell the other board members a bit about their interests and why they decided to join.

Please make new members feel welcome and do not use this forum for general off-topic conversation that belongs in the Café Mir forum.
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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 19 Aug 2006, 17:42
Ideology: Marxism-Leninism
Post 13 Jan 2007, 04:20
This site is intended to discuss Communism. We do not banish opposing ideologies, but we reserve the right to moderate any articles that promote racism or hate.

Site Rules for Soviet Empire:

You are prohibited from transmitting through the forum and services any unlawful or harassing or abusive materials and you will refrain from distribution or use of any threatening, obscene or vulgar material of any kind. This includes (but is not limited to) posting - or posting links to - pornography or 'warez' or any endorsement of paedophelia. Obviously do not post illegal content i.e instructions on how to make explosives and/or fire arms or links to site with such content.

2. Conduct yourself in a courteous and civil manner towards other users of the forums at all times. Do not make personally directed attacks on any other user (for example, it is acceptable to accuse someone of making a "moronic proposition" but it is not acceptable to accuse someone of being a "moron").

3. You are prohibited from transmitting through the forums and services any hateful or racially, sexually or ethnically objectionable material. This includes (but is not limited to) Holocaust Denial. As a guide: You should not attack groups or individuals on the basis of prejudices or stereotypes but only on the basis of their demonstrated actions or beliefs. The following are the consequences for violating this rule:

1st infraction-written warning accompanied by red card (Sixty days suspension)

2nd infraction-unperson (permanent suspension of your account)

4. You are prohibited from transmitting material that may infringe on any intellectual property rights, copyright or trademark or any other rights of any third party.

5. Type properly. Do not tYpE lIkE tHiS or L1K3 7h15. Do not type whole messages or topic titles in ALL CAPS. Do not use improper abbreviations such as "ur" (you're) or "y" (why). Do not type entire posts without the use of grammar. Do not type entire posts in bold, colour or similarly formatted text.

Do not post the same thing repeatedly (Spamming). Even (in fact especially) if it has been deleted by a moderator for whatever reason. This includes posting the same thing in multiple forums (cross posting).

7. Never re-post something a moderator has deleted (in any forum).

8. Do not register usernames that are deliberately offensive - this includes (but is not restricted to) swear words and anything that breaks the forum's rules.

9. You are prohibited from using the services to distribute junk mail, spamming, or to collect information on other users including their email addresses without their agreement.

10. You are prohibited from using the services to advertise commercial products or 'other' discussion forums. Links to other discussion boards will be removed.

11. You are prohibited from using the services of the forums for the conduct of business and from making any potential revenue for the user dependent on the services provided by the forums.

12. You are prohibited from taking any action to disturb the use of the services by others, distribute material that contains viruses or any other harmful programs. This includes interfering with the working of the network, attempts to gain unauthorized access to a service or other computer systems that are part of the site or any other site, by use of the available services.

13. Personal signature images may only be a maximum of 100 pixels in height and 400 pixels in width. Only a single image may be included in one's personal signature and images may not be animated. Personal signatures may not contain URLs or hyperlinks to websites outside the forums.

14. Personal avatar images may only be 100 x 100 pixel. Images may not be animated. Also, there are to be no provocative photos or pictures of anything or anyone that represents any hate groups of any kind. (i.e. hitler, etc.)

15. Double logins (multiple accounts) are prohibited. To ensure enforceability of this rule, using anonymous proxies to access and post on the forum is prohibited.

Failure to comply with any of the forum rules may result in your posts being deleted and/or your account being temporarily or permanently banned from the forums. In addition your account may be deleted or edited by the forum staff at any time without prior notification for whatever reason.

Disciplinary Actions for Rule Violations

If you break rules, we take action. We have a smooth running board and we intend on keeping it that way.

If you see

This is for minor infractions. You lose your ability to use the PM feature and your Avatar is removed. You also get a nice yellow square under your name.

If you see

You Messed up. Your account is suspended for a week. If you set up a puppet account and we catch you, you will be banned permanently.

if you see

You really done it. You are sent on a train to a little place we call Perma, Banistan. You will not be allowed to return.

Terms of Use
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Soviet cogitations: 10461
Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 19 Aug 2006, 17:42
Ideology: Marxism-Leninism
Post 03 Feb 2007, 21:22
Newbies Please Read

Think before you post
Mods and admins are not your editors. They can't be bothered to delete what you posted when you were drunk, your double or triple post, or when you decide you gave too much information about yourself.

Remember: Think first, then post.


Just an extra note on personal signatures. Images contained in personal signatures that break the forum rules will be replaced by "Uncle Joe" graphic. If you find this graphic in your sig it is because your existing image broke the forum rules.


Also on the topic of links in personal signatures. Hyperlinks are allowed in personal signatures, but only to other pages on this website. We don't like people posting just to advertise their websites constantly, thus links to external websites are not allowed in personal signatures. Use your common sense, 'smart-ass' links to posts that are advertising other websites or competing websites to our own (ie 'other' politics discussion forums) are equivalent to posting advertisement links in ones sig, and thus are prohibited. Also, do not use text sizes larger than the forums 'normal' text size in personal signatures. Any alternate text sizes and colors used in sigs will be removed without notice.

In order to prevent misquotes, out of context and selective quoting you may only place quotes by other users of this discussion board in your personal signature if they have given you permission to do so.

Taboo stuff

Generally speaking we are very relaxed about people's views. Be they liberal, conservative, communist etc, but promotion of hate ideologies is not allowed. Common sense will tell you that such things are prohibited by the forum rules, but just to state it explicitly: Nazi and other hate ideologies will not be tolerated. If you choose to spout hate speeches here, see Site Rule 3 (above) for the consequences.

In the past, we have had problems of people trying to actually organise armed militias/paramilitary groups on our forums. While we welcome the discussion of military history, tactics, and militaria, due to the world's current political climate, we cannot allow any posts to remain on the website that can be construed as violently subversive to ANY existing government. Plan your coups elsewhere!

Invariably, the topic of child pornography and paedophilia may come up. While objective discussion on that issue is allowed, any posts that could be seen by a third party as "pro-paedophilia" are prohibited. Other issues regarding sex for the discussion of sex will be moderated since this is a discussion board for Communism.


When using the function to quote someone do not just quote their entire post and then write a reply, everyone can see what they just wrote already. Instead only quote the parts of their post that your are specifically refering to/responding to.

Named quotes can be achieved by using the following code"
Code: Select all
[quote="username"]username's text, to be quoted.[/quote]

Above all do not quote someone elses entire post including their quoting someone else. I have seen some terrible posts like this:

Emoticon (aka Smilies)

Feel free to use them, but do not make entire posts out of them. Such posts are considered spam and may be deleted.

One Line Posts (aka One-Liners/The Bane of Our Existence)

Once upon a time in a forum far away, we came up with the maxim "One line. One bullet." That pretty much sums up our feeling about one line posts. For those blissfully uninitiated, a one-liner is a post that conveys NO ACTUAL relevence to the topic at hand. It is usually short, useless, and often contains random profanity. For example:


Billy Madison wrote:
And that puppy grew up into a dog. But Industry, now THAT was a revolution.

King of One-Liners wrote:
That's bullshit! STFU!

Whereas a more appropriate version might go like this:

Billy Madison wrote:
And that puppy grew up into a dog. But Industry, now THAT was a revolution.

Well-thought-out Responder wrote:
I think that your thesis here could have been better thought out, and while the puppy may represent industry, I think you need to rethink your link between the book and the actual events.

Don't get us wrong, brevity may be the soul of wit, but you have to make sure that if your posts are going to be brief, they must contain wit, or at very least some semblance of intelligent thought.

As this is a forum for adults (or at very least mature individuals) to discuss politics; immature, one-line posts will not be tolerated! Don't be surprised if any of yours disappear. Chances are if you think it's a crappy one-liner, it probably is. Might want to stop before you click that "submit" button and rethink it. Most particularly in forums in the Issues and Ideologies sections (note: one liners are generally acceptable in the Off Topic section of the board).

Post Content/Formatting

Once again, we have to stress the fact that this is a forum for adults to discuss politics. As such, crap like ALL CAPITALS, RaNdOM cApITalZ, l33+ 5p34K (l0llzzz) k's such as ameriKKKa will not be tolerated. As moderators, we don't have time to retype all your posts in normal text, so your posts will probably just get deleted. This applies to the titles of messages too.

And because it's a forum for adult discussion, make sure that your posts contain some semblance of cohesion and comprehensiveness. It often helps to reread your message before you post it. Try to keep the swearing to a minimum, and certainly DON'T WRITE LIKE THIS!


If you are making a new topic who's main purpose is to make people aware of a link to another website that is not specifically relevant to any of the other forums on our board then post it in Cafe Mir. If that link is to another discussion board, it will be removed. Please do not hyperlink to any other discussion board.

Links to porn, warez, illegal content, such as bombs or automatic weaponry (by British or US law) and 'other' political discussion forums are prohibited. You may be suspended, but most likely permanently banned for posting such things.

When you are posting a link, make sure it isn't so long that it stretches the screen.

This is how a link normally looks:

But if a link is long, it will stretch the board, and make the entire page unreadable. Here's how to avoid it:

Code: Select all

it will appear as S-E

Acknowledging Sources

Oftentime on a forum like this you will post information that is not going to be common knowledge, especially if it's something that you "just found on CNN, omg!!". If you are going to post something like this, make sure that you acknowledge it properly. Nobody is going to take you seriously unless you back your facts up with some proof (especially if your stuff is far-fetched). Acceptable proof includes a legitimate URL or a book title and (preferably) author, and not "my friend told me!" or "I looked it up in an encyclopaedia!" Please note- BLOGS ARE NOT SOURCES!!!

Also, If you are posting a news story, whether it is in Current Events or any other Forum, Posting a link and no comment to that story isn't very productive and rather annoying. If you are not motivated by a story enough to post a comment with it, then don't post it. Please and thank you.

You will also have to remember that the internet is a BIG, scary place, and a lot of the information you may find out there isn't going to be legitimate. It's up to you to make that judgment for yourself, but one would hope that this site doesn't end up flooded with bogus news items. We're striving for accuracy and legitimacy to spark interesting and entertaining debate, not "Hitler found living on Mars!".

WRT double logins

If the admin staff come across two accounts from the same IP address both can and will be deleted or banned without prior notice. In the event of two people using the same computer, the admin must be notified before the second account can be made. In the event of a ban resulting from a dynamic IP cycling, whereby two people on the same ISP have, at some point, the same IP, the ban may be appealed directly to the admin.

Any attempt to circumvent a previous ban will result in an immediate ban by the administration without any notification whatsoever.

Additional Newbie Frequently Asked Questions

Who ARE you people?

Just a group of people from all over the world who enjoy discussing Communism in a mature, legitimate manner. Although the most of us are Marxists, our members hold the whole gamut of political views, from far left, to far right. We welcome everybody provided they agree to comport themselves with a certain level of maturity. It's free and fun. Join in!

How do I put Ideology under my avatar?

This is available in a drop down menu in your profile.

What's with that forum called "Cafe Mir"?

That is our general off-topic discussion forum. Although Cafe Mir is the off topic forum please try to keep it reasonably tidy. Off Topic does not mean anything goes. With Facebook and 4chan having such prominence these days, please remember: is for Political discussion, those other sites are for their intended purpose. Please keep them separate.

The main rule for Cafe Mir is if you don't like it, don't post there.

"Bridge burning" and "Goodbye forever" threads

Most of these are from people who are leaving angry and letting off parting shots. Therefore they are not allowed. If you have affairs that take you away from for a while and you are letting members know, that can warrant its own thread. Any "Screw you guys, I'm going home" threads will be immediately trashed.

Questions about specific users should be sent via private message rather than posted as new topics in Cafe Mir or Let's work Harder Comrades.

Also: "Why was this person carded", or "why was this person banned" can be handled by sending a Private Message to an Administrator.

What is a cross-post?

Cross posting is posting the same message in more than one forum. It gets on everyone's nerves so do not do it. Post a message ONCE only and place it in the most relevant forum.

I don't like [InsertModeratorHere]; will you do something about him/her?

The moderators at have the freedom to moderate their individual forums in a manner of their own choosing, as long as it is concurrent with the Forum Rules. If you have a legitimate, specific complaint about the actions of a moderator, and find that you can not first resolve it by talking via PM with the moderator in question, it should be sent directly to an Administrator via PM. The same rules for bashing a member apply to bashing a moderator or an administrator. If you choose to make your complaints public, you will be carded for it.

Why Can't I make more than one post every 60 seconds?

Because the board flood control will not allow you to do so. It is there to prevent spam. No, the time limit will not be lowered. If you find it too long for you then perhaps you should be thinking about the quality of your posts. The flood control may also prevent you editing your posts sooner than 60 seconds after you have submitted it. The simple way to avoid this problem is to preview your post to make sure it is correct before you submit it.

Can I be a forum moderator? (Forum Commissar)


Can I be an Administrator? (Central Committee)


What is the process for appointing Moderators and Administrators?

This question cannot be answered because there is no policy for selecting moderators.

Who's wrote this %@*$?

Your (mostly) friendly administrators:

Siberian Fox- Webmaster


SciHobo- Administrator

Misuzu- Administrator

('Sovietized' by chaz171)
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Soviet cogitations: 10461
Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 19 Aug 2006, 17:42
Ideology: Marxism-Leninism
Post 27 Aug 2008, 06:07
This was written in a letter From Siberian Fox to me some time back. I am using this as an intro to a history of this site.

2000 - C&C Red Alert gaming site and home of a C&C games "clan".

Before then end of the year a "micro nation" had been added. It was essentially a parody of the U.S.S.R. - a Joke. PRNSE "People's Republic of the New Soviet Empire" with the main Commissariat located in my local pub. There was a small CGI script/text-file-based BB.

In 2001 the micro nation became a bit more serious as people from the net started joining. There were more people who took a genuine interest in it. By the end of 2001 The game clan had been somehow integrated into the community and had disapeared as a seperate entity. The communisty used both Yahoo groups and EZboard. At the end of 2001 we decided to cut all our links with the other internet micro nations to have a serious attempt at trialing a simulated communist government system without the 'stupid' antics of RPG players messing things up.

There was a small interim discussion board between ending the PRNSE as a micro naitn and setting up the new "Soviet Simulation". The forum used phpBB v1.x.

The 2002 version of the site was set up with phpBB2.x. It is the version of the site that is saved in the archive and was at that time the largest of our discussion boards. I'll explaine about it's issues in a bit.

After the "break up" of the PRNSE had no forum for a while. Then I set up a new board later in 2003 using phpNuke. This ran for some time but I wasn't happy with the security of the software or the integration of the site.

In early 2004 I replaced it with this board.

That's six forums not including various 'satellite' boards used over the years.

I will devise a plan to where this history will be placed and what we can include.. Historic members of years past. hopefully to include the older sites,, which some of our long term guys remember.

This History of SE is a stub. You can help by expanding it. Please PM 171.
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