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National Bolshevik Videos

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Post 03 Aug 2010, 17:19
you should try their journal, just as violent as nazi ones.

eat the rich
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Post 03 Aug 2010, 21:54
Ew. Nazbols can go to hell
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Post 04 Aug 2010, 18:49
I don't know much about National Bolshevism but they seem to be a confused bunch of people with incoherent policies. Perhaps it may seem normal to Russian youth but the appropriation of Nazi imagery into communist symbols is bewildering in the West.
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Post 04 Aug 2010, 22:42
I believe they feel that making a synthesis of the clash between the two most ideologically opposed forces on the face of the Earth (which, after all, occured in "primordial" Russia, not "civilized" Europe) is the most strident way to assert themselves, and reclaim Mother Russia's lost dignity, power, and status. "Parliamentary democracy" is still by many Russians as an untested, unsuitable, and foreign institution that is simply inadequate to the task of governing what is, even after the dissolution of the SU, still the world's largest state. So for some, the solution is to harness the nationalist/militarist aspects of fascism to the troika of Socialism, regardless of the historical irony and ultimate ideological incompatibility (which with a sharp enough propaganda campaign can be glossed over). This isn't a doctrine for intellectuals, but for violent activists and their self-seeking masters.
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Post 06 May 2011, 05:44 French Nazbols,but this video have some racist pictures,they puted some gray and blue eyed girls,why?-because they are little racist. ... re=related 2:08 ; 2:53 ; 3:39 racist and nazi pictures 1:59 GESTAsiPO ha ha ha xD cccc

I think that national bolseviks love Chinese and Whire race,and little of Arabian but they hate blacs,but i dont know,they are very strange.Nazbols are people who been nazis before that and try to change-most of them.
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