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Mao Badges

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Post 09 Feb 2011, 23:21
How do people feel about Mao Badges in modern day China? Do people still wear them? All I know is that some people in China collect Mao Badges. If you have a Mao Badge please post a picture. On the topic post any pictures of socialist/communist pins and badges you have, especially from the USSR, China, DPRK, Vietnam, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Eastern Bloc, ect.

a collection of Mao Badges: ... 374429.htm

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Post 10 Feb 2011, 12:30
I wonder how much they will be worth in a few decades time when it becomes a rarity? Will they be sought after like USSR memorabilia?
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Post 10 Feb 2011, 18:55
Some friends in Arizona found these in a shop and sent them to me as a gift.


The one on the left says "XXVIth (26th) Congress of the CPSU", which according to Wikipedia was held from the 23rd pf February to the 3rd of March, 1981. The one on the right says "All Power to the Soviets" and I think it dates from the really-late '80's to maybe 1990.
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