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Orders and Medals

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Post 15 Jun 2006, 07:27

I have no idea what the hell the difference is between them. I was looking at Soviet medals the other day, and I noticed there were both.

They look pretty similar, and I would like to know what the difference is between an 'Order' and a 'Medal'

Thanks comrades

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Post 16 Jun 2006, 00:43
My opinion:

Orders: When you are awarded an order, you are made part of that order (or rather, a cavalier) - it is like your rank is raised. Orders are more important and valuable than medals. When you are awarded an order, you might even be awarded a higher pension...

Medals: Just for one off acts of herois, bravery, etc.

There is a book (in Russian), that explains all the orders and medals, what they were awarded for, who they were awaded to, etc.

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Post 24 Feb 2007, 20:16
There are also, now, good books in English that explain these. Part of the difference is whether they are called an "order" or "medal" in their names. Seems simplistic, but . . . .

There are also online fora, some better than others, on Soviet awards. PM me if you are curious.

There are, actually: titles {for example "Hero of Labor"), orders (for example "October Revolution"), and medals (for example "For Gallantry").
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Post 10 Mar 2007, 02:48
The simple answer to this question is that, insofar as the Soviet Union was concerned, orders were higher/superior to medals. All orders preceeded all medals when worn on the uniform. Also, all orders that I know of and collect are actually made of precious metal- most often silver- with enameling and gold plating. Of course the orders of Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Soviet Labour were made of gold and most versions of the Order of Lenin were made of gold and platinum. There were a few medals that were cast in silver, buit this is the exception rather than the rule.
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