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1934 Soviet book on Aristotle, with Lenin's comments

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Post 26 Jul 2020, 16:02 ... &q&f=false

I found this on Google books, its a 1934 translation of Aristotle's metaphysics, with an intro giving the Marxist viewpoint. The translator was a member of the SRs who joined the Bolsheviks in 1917. ... 0%B8%D1%87

Lenin's comments from here are integrated into the main text ... sc/x12.htm

I had a Russian friend translate some of the most interesting passages from the intro-

undermines the foundations of Plato's idealism ... Lenin saw the gnoseological roots of idealism in separation of the individual/discrete from the general and in the transformation of the general into the absolute
... Aristotle wavers between idealism and materialism. The fluidity of categories, their interconnectedness, transitions between them were outlined by him still very vaguely; the description of the forms of thought is given as a simple enumeration, "everything is touched upon, all categories", but merely "touched"; lively, naive, interesting is his criticism of the theory of ideas of Plato, "but all of this is accompanied by the most helpless confusion about the FUNDAMENTAL, and about understanding the discrete". In the book examples of dialectical thinking are generously scattered, but they are "fleeting and not fully developed".

The middle ages have adopted the ideas of Aristotle for the interests of the defense of the ruling classes. The feudal society made dead scholastics from the logic of Aristotle. "Clericalism has killed the alive/lively in Aristotle and has immortalized the dead". The philosophy of the proletariat, dialectical materialism, supports itself on everything that is valuable in the heritage of the human thought, the human culture, but demands its critical digestion.
Kamran Heiss
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