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Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works ( Volume I-V)

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Post 06 Mar 2019, 01:11
Here we have Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works ( Volume I-V) published in the USSR in the 1980s. Despite his Menshevism, Plekhanov was the main originator of Russian dialectical materialism. He wrote the preface to Deborin's DiaMat textbook which would become the standard model before Marxism even took power in Russia. During the Stalin period, Plekhanov was the only reference work of Russian Marxist philosophy officially published in English by CP presses. I was looking over an old 1941 scan of a CPGB printing of Plekhanov's book and it advertised itself as "the best exposition of marxist philosophy"- Lenin ... rksVolumeI

While includes many of his major works, the Soviet volumes include other works such as his full length studies of Russian thinkers like Lenin's hero Chernyshevsky; and Herzen and Belinsky. As well as his debates with Bogdanov, which would provoke Lenin to jump in against Bogdanov in Empirocriticism.
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